Forbes: A Tableau Solution To Those Excel Blues

The beauty of Tableau is that IT professionals do some of the under-the-hood heavy plumbing around the server, enabling data for Tableau, while the dashboards and all the BI is effectively done by business power users. That means much greater synergy, much greater strength and depth across the organization in terms of delivering full, integrated BI solutions and delivering far more information for the management of the business.

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Summary: This article features Paul Egan, IT Manager of Business Intelligence at Irish Life. Egan describes the transformation that took place after deploying Tableau wherein the unspoken hierarchy of data was democratized. The days of waiting for reports to be created and spending massive amounts of time in analysis are over at the life insurance company. “Nowadays, it comes out instantly; it’s there even perhaps in real time—certainly first thing in the morning for the people who need to consume it directly off the server application. Those people who used to spend all day identifying the problems in the business now have all day to solve the problem or to develop new strategies for managing the business out of that difficult situation.”. Employees at Irish Life are creating their own dashboards in Tableau to answer business questions, saving time and resources.

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