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How Barclays are using IT data and visual analytics to increase efficiency

Understanding how your IT infrastructure is performing is easy with the right data and analytics. In this webinar, learn how Barclays use Tableau to visually analyse, report, and monitor their global IT infrastructure data in a few powerful dashboards. John Hardman - VP of IT Infrastructure at Barclays, will reveal how Barclays escaped Excel reports by using Tableau to integrate all of their IT data from servers, applications, software products, and devices. This has enabled Barclays to identify issues in real-time, and helped them understand their IT infrastructure performance at a global, regional, and business-unit level. Watch this webinar to learn how Barclays...

  • Produce real-time IT infrastructure reports
  • Combine all of their data to create one version of the truth
  • Visually analyse their data to identify new insights
  • Build dashboards that monitor their global IT infrastructure
  • Built an analytics culture where management interact with Tableau dashboards


About the speaker


John Hardman

VP of Infrastructure Reporting at Barclays

John leads a team of Business Intelligence Analysts to produce automated reporting solutions for the Barclays Global Technology Estate. Covering topics including Servers, Applications, Software Products, Devices, Incidents and Change Management, his team provide self-serve reports that allow senior management to make data-driven decisions.

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