Plan Your Tableau Mobile Deployment

Mobile business intelligence enables any user to make decisions no matter where they are. We’re no longer shackled to our desks; we’re on the go, visiting customers, traveling, or walking the shop floor. At Tableau, we knew our approach to mobile had to be different from those of traditional analytics solutions. We focused on fast, easy, beautiful creation and delivery that didn't require a developer or a special server.

With Tableau, any workbook you create is automatically mobile-enabled when accessed from a device. You can pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll, and leverage other touch-optimized interactions like quick filters. You can also edit workbooks and create new views to answer new questions from your data. This works seamlessly in a mobile browser, with an embedded viz in custom mobile apps, and in the Tableau Mobile app itself. While it’s straightforward to setup and deploy mobile BI with Tableau, successfully deploying any mobile solution benefits from a little advance planning. In this whitepaper, we cover the most important aspects of mobile deployments that most organizations should consider as they plan to roll out a solution

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