Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends for 2015

A new generation of business intelligence emerges as the expectation for user-friendly analytics and the expertise to ask and answer questions with data continues to grow. The wave of innovation is far from over. This paper highlights the top trends in business intelligence for 2015, including:
  • Data governance becomes a key area of focus
  • The social intelligence competitive advantage balloons
  • Self-service rapidly spreads throughout departments and organizations
  • Data journalism magnifies
  • Cloud analytics isn’t just for cloud data anymore

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1. Governance is transformed.

Just as the business intelligence landscape has transformed to self-service data, so too must governance transform. Simple approaches like locking down all enterprise data won’t work any longer—nor will the approach of doing away with any process at all. Organizations will begin to investigate what governance means in a world of self-service analytics.

Read more in the whitepaper Data Governance for Self-Service Analytics

2. Social intelligence is a competitive advantage.

In 2014 we saw organizations begin to analyze social data in earnest. In 2015, the leading edge will start to take advantage of their capabilities. Tracking conversations at scale via social will let companies find out when a topic is starting to trend and what their customers are talking about. Social analytics will open the door to responsive product optimization.

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3. Analytics emerge across the organization.

Today’s data analyst may be an operations manager, a supply chain executive or even a salesperson. New, easier to use technologies that provide browserbased analytics let people answer ad-hoc business questions. Companies that recognize this as a strategic advantage will begin to support everyday analysts with data, tools and training to help them do what they’re doing.

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4. Communities differentiate.

The consumerization of IT is no longer theoretical, it’s a fact. People use products that they enjoy using, and analytics software is no different. Companies whose products inspire and empower are seeing their communities flourish. And prospective customers will also look to the health of product communities as important proof points in crowded marketplaces.

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5. Everything integrates.

The last 10 years have seen a massive amount of innovation across the data space, resulting in mixed environments for everything from data storage to analytics to business applications. We won’t see a return to the age of monolithic systems. However, organizations are losing patience with multiple logins and clunky processes to move and manage data. Rapid integration leveraging simple interfaces is going to become the standard.

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