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Building the Foundational Blueprint for a Strong Data Culture

Achieving a data-driven culture is a key strategy to improve clinical, operational, and financial success in healthcare and life science organizations. To do this, organizations must create sound operational processes and a talent plan to enable change management and a community of learning and collaboration. Join Tableau for a webinar discussion on the importance of building a data culture where we’ll discuss:

  • What is data culture and why organizations should invest in building one
  • How to assess data culture maturity
  • Common obstacles to supporting/realizing your data culture and how to mitigate
  • Activities that enable data culture leadership in healthcare & life science organizations

We feel so strongly about this, we’ve created a framework called Tableau Blueprint that includes the field-tested methodology of good practices to enable healthcare and life science organization to effectively transform its culture into a Data Culture.

About the speakers


Seanna Miller

Strategic Customer Success Manager

Seanna (Shaw-nah) joined Tableau in January of 2019 after a 15-year career in progressive IT roles at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. In her prior role she was responsible for deploying Tableau as a self service analytics platform to a global footprint of 11,000 users. With over a decade of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence, Seanna is well versed in the culture changes needed to enable teams to use their data to drive insights and take actions that influence expected, impactful outcomes for their organizations.


Addison Neely

Customer Success Manager, Tableau

Addison has spent the past two years at Tableau enabling teams to see the transformative power of data when leveraged in an effective way. Prior to joining Tableau, she spent several years on Business Intelligence teams using analytics to consult internal and external customers on ways to improve business processes and overall customer experience. Having found success with customers embracing data and analytics, Addison is passionate about helping organizations materialize their vision of having a data-centric culture.

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