Connect directly to Databricks from Tableau to see and understand all of the data in your lakehouse. Leverage machine learning models from Databricks directly in Tableau to take self-service analytics to the next level.

Industry-leading lakehouse for data warehousing workloads

Unmatched data warehouse price/performance and scalability

Real-time analytics with streaming data

Databricks lands streaming data directly in the lakehouse, and makes it instantly available to Tableau, enabling real-time dashboards for supply chain, fleet management, and other use cases

Simplified machine learning for data analysts

Machine learning models built on Databricks can be pulled into Tableau for advanced analytics use cases

Data & AI Summit 2022

Our very own, Francois Ajenstat, spoke at the annual Databricks conference around 'Analytics without Compromise' and the power of Tableau and Databricks together. See more of Francois and Tableau at the keynote here!

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On-demand Webinars

Introduction to Streaming Analytics

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Explore and curate semi-structured streaming data feeds
  • Enable self-service exploration across streaming and batch data assets
  • Build decision-making tools to unlock data for business users
  • Bridge the gap between BI and AI
  • Unify your disparate data governance methods
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Intro to Tableau and Databricks

Watch this session to learn the basics of using a data lakehouse with Tableau. With Databricks, you'll be able to leverage high-performance dashboards, stream data directly to a Databricks Lakehouse and also apply Databricks ML models directly in Tableau. 

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Self-Service Analytics on the Modern Data Stack

Watch Databricks and Tableau to find out how to move to a modern data stack on the lakehouse. This approach can help you outpace your competition by innovating and adapting your business models. You’ll learn about structured and unstructured data in the data lake, connecting to a Databricks SQL endpoint from Tableau in just minutes and much more!

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Data Lake Analytics Summit with Tableau and Databricks

Register for the Data Lake Analytics Summit with Tableau and Databricks and see:

  • Welcome by Databricks and Tableau executives
  • A demonstration of Databricks/Tableau integration with key use cases such as fraud detection, recommendation engine and churn detection
  • Presentations by customers and partners
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Gain 3 benefits with Delta Sharing

Watch this session to see a demo of Tableau on Delta Sharing. Tableau customers can choose between 2 workflows for connection. The first workflow is called “Direct Connect,” which leverages a Tableau WDC connector. The second workflow involves using a hybrid approach for querying live on the Delta Sharing protocol and using Tableau Hyper in-memory data engine for fast data ingestion and analytical query processing.

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Tableau x Databricks Starter Kit

Quickly get up and running, and analyze your entire lakehouse with a how-to video, preconfigured visualizations, and a notebook.

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Customer Stories

Democratizing data for better shopping experiences


With data analysts, scientists, and engineers working together and efficiently, Wehkamp broke the data silos, making it easier to use the data. Wehkamp has enabled all of their analysts to use Databricks and Tableau to analyze their data and drive better business decisions.

Read the full customer story here.


Personalizing the pharmacy experience to enable better outcomes

CVS Health

CVS Health leverages Tableau to visualize financial and operational metrics for internal decision making. Today, their data analyst team runs various reports and dashboards — all powered by Databricks — to better understand how to improve the patient experience while optimizing pharmacy operations.

Read the full customer story here.


End users populate their dashboards in hours, not weeks

“Databricks brings the data volume while Tableau brings the rapid visualization. These solutions work perfectly in tandem at the core of our platform to give our clients the performance they need to deliver cutting-edge autonomous vehicle capabilities.”

Read the full customer story here.


Thousands of monthly simulations show the path to outstanding service

​​“The simulator we’ve built on Databricks and Tableau enables us to test every business hypothesis before we take action. We could never gain this level of insight if our data were still scattered among data silos.”

Read the full customer story here.

Blog Posts

Lakehouse architecture

Learn how shifting to a modern lakehouse architecture will deliver integrated data solutions more swiftly for all users, with any data.

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Meet Delta Sharing

Access more data with secure, open source data sharing.

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Databricks and Tableau Lean In to Improve BI User Experience

Tableau and Databricks have partnered to improve the speed and user experience of visualizing massive data sets.

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