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Link Net Realizes Numerous Benefits of Self-Service Analytics

75% Increase in Tableau Users Over 5 years

Increased Customer Acquisition and Retention

Data-driven Process And Cost Efficiencies

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Link Net realizes numerous benefits of self-service analytics

PT Link Net Tbk is one of the leading cable TV and fixed broadband internet providers in Indonesia. Through its First Media and Link Net brands, the company serves both residential and enterprise markets with a mission to transform lives by providing innovative and exceptional broadband and media services and solutions.

Underpinning Link Net’s mission is a growing data culture with employees across the company using Tableau for everything from network monitoring and analysis through to product strategy. It’s a shift in culture for the company where responsibility for data analysis and reporting previously fell to the IT team. Back then, the IT team had a long list of requests for reports which they prepared by scripting or coding. However, a business need to interact with the data provided, led Link Net to Tableau.

“It all started with our marketing team who wanted an interactive tool to present data at every meeting and to provide analysis to the board of management and related departments,” said Brian Bagus Putra, Head of MIS Analytic and Reporting of PT Link Net Tbk.

Today, marketing, engineering, sales, product, contact center, and technical support teams are all using Tableau to perform analysis and explore new ideas independently from IT. The result is immediate access to clear, accurate data to guide strategic decisions.

Shift to interactive and collaborative data analysis

Link Net initially considered three different solutions to simplify data analysis and reporting for non-IT users. The company also wanted to centralize analysis and reporting, so everyone could access the same data at once rather than circulating files by email. Tableau was selected for its ease of use and interactive features.

Tableau partner VISIDATA supported the implementation, including server setup and training. Leaders were onboarded first with IT preparing data and building dashboards before transitioning ownership to divisional and departmental MIS teams.

Tableau is now connected to several data sources, including SQL Server, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL (JDBC), Google Sheets, and Excel. Tableau Creators in each division and department use Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server to analyze data and build dashboards. The dashboards are then published to a portal where they can be explored and viewed by leaders and other team members.

Now, each division and department can operate this independently, and it is easier to present data and can display the latest dashboards directly from the web portal rather than building presentation slides. Data can also be easily shared. For example, sales and marketing teams have created a joint dashboard that helps them collaboratively monitor and react to sales and product trends.

Tableau has made it easier for our leaders to access the data they need to make quick decisions and to anticipate and respond to challenges. This has included adapting to new market conditions created by the pandemic.

Promoting a data-driven culture

Over the past 5 years, Link Net’s Tableau user community has grown by over 75% and the company has come to rely on Tableau to inform its strategy and manage performance. For example, the marketing team uses Tableau to better understand campaign performance, sales trends, and customer behavior. All these insights inform opportunities to improve customer acquisition and retention.

The engineering team uses Tableau to analyze and monitor network performance in real-time, helping them anticipate and quickly resolve any issues.

Tableau is also used to track product and market trends, helping to inform Link Net’s product development and pricing and ensuring the company stays competitive. Link Net also uses Tableau for deeper analysis to find actionable insight by monitoring retention and collection process and performance as part of churn management.

Through these and other use cases, Link Net has experienced a number of benefits. These include increased process efficiencies, revenue and subscribers' growth.

“Tableau has made it easier for our leaders to access the data they need to make quick decisions and to anticipate and respond to challenges. This has included adapting to new market conditions created by the pandemic,” said Brian. “Tableau also provides us with the analysis that brings new ideas, ultimately helping us provide the best services for our customers.”



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