Orchard: Exploring Multivariate Heterogeneous Networks on Mobile Phones

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 39, Issue 3 (Proceedings of EuroVis 2020)

People are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to navigate information spaces using search, hyperlinks, and visualization. But, mobile phones preclude the use of multiple coordinated views that have proven effective in the desktop environment (e.g., for business intelligence or visual analytics). In this work, we propose to model information as multivariate heterogeneous networks to enable greater analytic expression for a range of sensemaking tasks while suggesting a new, list-based paradigm with gestural navigation of structured information spaces on mobile phones. We also present a mobile application, called Orchard, which combines ideas from both faceted search and interactive network exploration in a visual query language to allow users to collect facets of interest during exploratory navigation. Our study showed that users could collect and combine these facets with Orchard, specifying network queries and projections that would only have been possible previously using complex data tools or custom data science.

Pre-print available here.


Philipp Eichmann, Darren Edge, Nathan Evans, Bongshin Lee, Christopher White

Créateur(s) Tableau

Matt Brehmer