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Digitizing Healthcare Supply Chains for End-to-End Visibility

Healthcare supply chains have been tasked with unprecedented asks over the last year, in turn accelerating investment in digital transformation. Organizations that have adopted digital transformation and analytics initiatives in their supply chain processes were better equipped to be more agile and make more informed decisions and in many cases are looking to further invest based on these embedded capabilities. However, barriers to operationalizing technologies and capabilities remain. Interoperability and serialization are consistent struggles for many pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and internal supply chain teams must be able to prove or realize ROI to justify important technology investments.

These issues become especially challenging as manufacturers finalize preparations for the requirements of the 2023 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which call for the serialization and tracking of individual healthcare products.

Read this whitepaper that outlines research findings from 100 procurement and supply chain professionals across the U.S. and Canada from Pharmaceutical & Medical device manufacturers to understand trends, investments, challenges and opportunities for supply chain digitization, analytics and visibility.  

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