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The Power of Visual Analytics for Retailers

Retailers' survival through the rapidly changing economic environment is now more reliant on data than ever before.

While many physical stores will certainly return to growth, it is clear that driving growth through stores alone is going to be very challenging. This has accelerated the move to digital and put greater emphasis on the need to truly understand and optimise customer experience.

Enable everyone to access their data and make fast decisions, from Supply Chain managers ensuring optimum product availability whilst minimising waste, to e-Commerce teams gaining insights into buying behaviour in order to improve customer experience. 

Watch to learn how Tableau can help you:

  • Represent and convey vital information to your business in Tableau
  • Easily and quickly analyse data, create reports and share them
  • Optimise your customer experience through real time insights

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À propos des intervenants


Gosia Szczerbicki

Enterprise Account Executive

Gosia is an Account Executive in our ANZ team, specialising in helping leading Retail and Consumer Goods Companies digitally transform with data. Gosia’s passion for data commenced by studying Information Systems and specialising in Database Design. Gosia put theory into practice and moved on to work with leading firms such as Dell, Forrester and Gartner to help executives make informed decisions to drive competitive differentiation and today is heavily invested into how retail and consumer goods customers do this with their most valuable asset- their data.


Marc Psaila

Lead Solution Engineer, Tableau

Marc is a Lead Solution Engineer at Tableau and is a self-proclaimed data geek, with a fascination in connecting to a dataset and getting insights in a matter of minutes. Marc has 20+ years of experience at American Enterprise software vendors both as an Implementation Consultant and a Presales Consultant, and has worked with different types of software such as Collaboration and Content Management, CRM, Project Management and now Visual Analytics.
Outside of Tableau, Marc has a passion for travelling and outdoor activities, and even uses Tableau to analyse the data on running races he participates in.

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