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Recruitment Connect: How to unlock data and grow 7x faster

Did you know that on average, most recruitment businesses use 39 different systems and applications to operate? 

Having to work with a multitude of disconnected applications and slows down recruiters and leaves business leaders working with poor data insights and can lead to frustrating candidate experiences.

However, companies with connected systems and data can streamline their recruitment process and grow 7x faster than their competitors.

As we begin to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are having to adapt to the reality that candidates no longer wish to engage in the same ways as they did previously.

In fact, nearly 60% of all customer interactions have been digital as a result of the pandemic, that's almost double that of last year.


Watch our panel of experts as they discuss how the power of data can help you to:

Integrate and easily access data wherever it lives that allows consultants to place candidates faster.

Analyse and derive real-time business insights, make better use of both market intelligence and internal intelligence, including services offered and time/cost-to-hire.

Act to deliver world-class, client and candidate experiences, at scale.


À propos des intervenants


Daniel Watkins

Regional Sales Director at MuleSoft

Daniel is responsible for managing the Business Services and Ireland sales team within the MuleSoft business unit as part of the UK leadership team.


Sarah Geary

Associate Solution Engineer, Tableau

Sarah is a Solution Engineer at Tableau working in the UKI market. As a Solution Engineer she is responsible for helping our customers get started with Tableau so they can see and understand their data. Prior to joining Tableau, she was a Trading Technology Consultant in an Irish consultancy firm. Sarah graduated with a degree in Business Information Systems from University College Cork.


Toni Farrell

UKI Sales Manager, Tableau

A sales leader for over 15 years, Toni now leads the UKI MidMarket Team at Tableau (a Salesforce Company) Passionate about all things Data and supporting Women in Sales, Toni has a particular interest in Data Literacy for the non- technical user.

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