Webinaire à la demande

Q1 2022 Premium Presents for Tableau Cloud

Join our Tableau Product experts for a webinar for our Premium Support customers! This webinar features information about our newly released products and features. We are offering an event for our Tableau Online and Tableau Server customers. Please register for this event if you are a Tableau Online customer. This is an exclusive event for premium customers, please do not forward on to anyone outside of your organization. 


  • Workbook Optimizer 
  • View Accelerator 
  • Tableau Online Security
  • Centralized Row-level Security & Virtual Connections 


Queenette Chappell-Udo, Technical Account Management Manager

Aaron Frein, Product Management Manager

Paul Muesegades, Product Management Senior Manager

John Thompson, Distinguished Solution Engineer 

Sanjeev Verma, Product Management Senior Manager

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