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Leading Through Change With Visual Analytics: Rapid Recovery + Resiliency in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Visual analytics is critical as you plan and prepare your healthcare or life sciences organization for rapid recovery and resiliency. See examples of how you can analyze HR, supply chain, and R&D data to better understand how your teams can return to work safely and effectively.

During the first half of this webinar, we share a life sciences perspective on challenges our customers are facing. Topics include:

  • How do you stabilize your company?
  • How can you reopen your workplace?
  • What strategies and tactics can you leverage to innovate and grow your business?

We then continue with a discussion on Tableau's Blueprint resource and building community to enable you to create a network of users within your healthcare or life sciences organization who share enthusiasm for putting data at the center of every business decision.

Learn more about Tableau healthcare use cases in our Tableau for Healthcare series.

Download the slide deck.

À propos des intervenants

Tyler May

HLS Solution Engineer - Tableau

Tom Kern

HLS Solution Engineer - Tableau
Geoff Somerville

Geoff Somerville

HLS Solution Engineer - Tableau

Laura Zachary

HLS Solution Engineer - Tableau

Eric Veal

Senior High Touch Success Manager - Tableau

Barry P. Chaiken, MD

Clinical Lead, Healthcare, Tableau

Barry Chaiken, MD, MPH, is the clinical lead at Tableau Healthcare and has more than 25 years of experience in medical research, epidemiology, clinical information technology, and analytics. He is board-certified in general preventive medicine and public health and is a fellow and former board member and chair of HIMSS. As the founder of DocsNetwork Ltd., Chaiken worked on quality improvement studies, health IT clinical transformation projects, and clinical investigations for the National Institutes of Health, UK National Health Service, and Boston University Medical School.

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