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How to visualize your love of music

Our love for music is woven into our societal DNA—connecting us from afar and strengthening relationships. Behind every mixtape, road trip playlist, and concert setlist lies a story.

What if we could use data to dig deeper into these music stories to understand the numbers behind the notes? Learn how to visualize your love of music and discover the hidden mysteries and magic in your favorite songs.

Watch this webinar and see how to:

  • Connect to music listening data and visualize it with Tableau
  • Understand listening and playlisting habits
  • Share your discoveries and insights with the world

Follow along with these resources below:

À propos des intervenants


Scott Teal

Senior Product Marketing Specialist - Tableau

Scott Teal is on the product marketing team based in Seattle where he focuses on Tableau Public. He loves finding, creating, and exploring new data sets. You can see his collection of visualizations on Tableau Public.


Tracy Rodgers

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Tracy Rodgers is a senior product marketing manager where she focuses on all things data. She started working at Tableau in 2011, and has worked in several roles since from support to managing the Tableau Community to product marketing. She loves connecting with customers, learning new tips and tricks about the Tableau products and introducing more people to the world of data.


Skyler Johnson

Data Viz Designer | Spotify

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