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Embedded Analytics Interview | Data Monetisation at ICIS

What if your business could generate extra revenue faster by monetising your data?

Watch this exclusive interview with the Head of Data Operations at ICIS and our panel of data experts to learn how data-driven businesses are embedding analytics into their apps, products and web portals to create market differentiation—maximising their revenue.

Whether your part of a global enterprise or small business, we'll help you understand the different approaches to data monetisation and the steps needed to maximise ROI.

Watch now to learn about:

  • The opportunities that exist to monetise your data
  • How ICIS increased ROI by embedding analytics with Tableau
  • Live demo of a Tableau embedded analytics solution

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À propos des intervenants


Manca Vitorino

Data Operations Director, ICIS

Manca is the Data Operations Director at ICIS, the world's largest petrochemical market information provider. She is responsible for deploying leading data visualisation software at scale and enabling self-service analytics across the business.


Mrunal Shridhar

Senior Manager, Solution Engineering - Tableau

Mrunal leads Tableau's EMEA solutions engineering team who are experts at helping people and organisations see and understand their data.


Craig Bloodworth

CTO and Tableau Zen Master - The Information Lab

Craig first discovered the power of Tableau through constant frustration with data report authoring using classic spreadsheet applications. Since buying his own copy of Tableau Craig has never looked back, joining The Information Lab in 2011 and helping people install, understand and create exciting visualisations with Tableau.

Over the past four years Craig has been involved in all aspects of the Tableau Software product. He’s published dozens of workbooks to Tableau Public, knows Tableau Server inside & out, has developed community releases for Tableau including a Tableau Chrome plugin, web data connectors, geopacks for enhanced mapping and even an auto-updater script to keep Tableau Servers right up to date. He also currently sits on the customer advisory board for Tableau Cloud.


Alex Eskinasy

Principal Solutions Engineer - Tableau

Alex is a solutions engineer at Tableau where he is an expert in OEM and embedded analytics.

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