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Elevate your Relationship with Data

Tableau 2020.2 has launched!

Watch this informative installment of the Healthcare & Life Sciences show, where we’ll share two new features that help effectively address healthcare industry challenges: metrics and relationships.

Metrics are a new content type that offers users a simple way to monitor key performance indicators for their healthcare organization. Created from nearly any Tableau dashboard, metrics give a headline view of your KPIs all in one location. They can be viewed either on the web, or on the go with the Tableau Mobile app. We share highlights of this feature and demo how to create, use, and subscribe to them, using healthcare and life science datasets.

Combining data just got easier and more powerful with Tableau’s enhanced data model with relationships (previously known as Object Model). With a simple and visual experience, relationships between tables can be defined that automatically create accurate aggregations. Now it's easier than ever to analyze data from multiple tables at different levels of detail without relying on complex calculations or the use of scripting. Our healthcare experts share industry examples to help us learn about this capability and applications in finance, population health, and in payer organizations.

Learn more about Tableau 2020.2 and use cases in our Tableau for Healthcare & Life Sciences series.

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