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#AnalyzeTheGame: Cricket

Are you a Tableau beginner? Have you been using Tableau for some time and you are looking for some inspiration? What are you passionate about post work hours?

Data impacts everything and sports is no exception. Join us as we explore how users across the Tableau community use data to answer their curiosities about cricket. Hear about how these users got started and also learn their tips and tricks to apply to your own data projects.

This webinar is part of the #analyzethegame webinar series.
Click here for more information on the rest of the series, including World Cup Analysis.

À propos des intervenants


Kizley Benedict

Senior Consultant at Beinex

Kizley helps clients across multiple domains derive business insights from data using Tableau. He also enjoys designing maps in Tableau and creating visualizations for social causes.


Kaj Peltonen

Senior Product Consultant, Asia Pacific

Kaj Peltonen is a senior product consultant with Tableau. Over the years he has worked with customers, across the region, to ensure their success when getting started with Tableau. A common face around Tableau events, he has presented at and supported Tableau Conferences, Data Day Outs and many other local summits. With a background in data mining and analytics Kaj believes in the untapped potential for anyone to be able to access, and question data.


KJ Kim

Manager, APJ Community

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