Your role in data

As a Developer, you translate the needs of the business into the software tools, applications, and automated processes that keep your organizations lean, smart, and efficient. You are responsible for:

Embedding and integrating Tableau visualizations into internal and external web applications (e.g. Salesforce).

Scripting automation tasks.

Building web data connections to bring in data from sources without native connectors in Tableau.

Creating custom data extracts.

Creating Dashboard Extension add-ins for customized workflows in Tableau.


This learning path includes:


Getting Started with Tableau Desktop


Topics Covered: Tableau Basics

Learn the foundational skills you need to begin your Tableau Desktop journey. This course covers core data literacy concepts and provides guidance for creating your first Tableau Desktop workbook, empowering you to learn Tableau quickly and effectively.



Exploring Developer Resources

Topics Covered: Embedded Analytics, Optimization & Integration

This course introduces key developer resources—the tools, support, training, and community that you can leverage as you personalize, integrate, and extend the Tableau platform to meet the needs of your organization. 



Seamless Integration with Embedded Analytics

Topics Covered: Embedded Analytics

Embed and customize Tableau’s interactive, analytical capabilities to create a seamless experience with your products. Give your customers a way to ask questions and find meaningful insights from within your applications, products, and web portals. 



Integrating Features and Optimizing Functionality

Topics Covered: Optimization & Integration

Add features and functionality to your Embedded Analytics with Extensions, Web Data Connectors, Extracts and the Tableau Server Client Library. Practice your embedding skills with the JavaScript API Tutorial. 



Assessment: Create and Embed Custom Experiences 

You’ve got the right data skills for your role – now it’s time to show them off. Pass this Skills Assessment and earn a Skill Badge.

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