The Vizzies at Tableau Conference 2024

For the community, by the community. Join hosts Emily Kund and Matt Francis as they celebrate the 2024 Vizzie Award winners.

For the community, by the community. Organized by Emily Kund and Matt Francis, the Vizzies have recognized and celebrated outstanding members of the Tableau Community for the last 9 years. 

This year, the annual awards took place during Tableau Conference 2024 in San Diego and recognized a total of 13 community members. Before we jump into each category and the 2024 winners, let's dive into each one of the 11 categories and recognize all the incredible Community members who were nominated for a Vizzies Awards this year! PS. Being part of the DataFam makes you a winner already. 

Now, let's explore what Emily and Matt have curated for this year's Vizzies Awards recap...

Vizzies Nominees 24

The Kelly Martin Best Designer Award

The person who designs beautiful and informative visualizations. 

The 2024 winner is: Sherya Arya 

The Vizzies 2024 Shreya Arya

The Jock Mackinlay Data Storyteller Extraordinaire

Someone who can rock the analysis and communicate easy to understand insights whether in business or for fun.

The 2024 winner is: Emily De Padua

The Vizzies 2024 Emily De Padua

The Elissa Fink "WTF I never knew Tableau could do that" Award

When you look at this person’s work you wonder, how did they do that??

The 2024 winner is: Ant Pulley

The Vizzies Ant Pulley

Best Content Creator

Whether it's a blog, podcast or youtube channel, this person shares their knowledge through amazing content that is shared for all to benefit from.

The 2024 winner is: Donabel Santos

The Vizzies Best Content Creator

Forum Fanatic

The Tableau forums are an amazing resource and this award is for those people that just answer question after question. 

It's a tie! The 2024 winners are: Joon Kim and Chris McClellan

The Vizzies Forum Fanatic

Most Notable Newbie

Someone who is new to the Tableau Community and has made a big impact in their first year.

The 2024 winner is: Maureen Okonkwo

The Vizzies Most Notable Newbie

Biggest Growth

The person whose knowledge (demonstrated through the quality of their visualizations or their advice) has grown significantly over the last year.

The 2024 winner is: Gbóláhàn Adébáyò

The Vizzies biggest Growth


They help us prepare our data so we don’t prepare to fail. 

The 2024 winner is: David Kelly

The Vizzies Prepstar

TUG of the Year

There are Tableau User Groups all around the world. They are based on region, or topic, or industry. But which one is the greatest of them all?

It's a tie! The 2024 winners are: Tableau Public User Group and Tableau Newbies User Group

The Vizzies TUG of the Year

Favorite Viz of the Year

This is your favorite among all your favorite vizzes that have been created between March. 2023-present. See the inspiring Tableau Public visualizations that were nominated. 

The 2024 winner is: Love Across the Eras by Emily De Padua

Favorite Viz of the Year

The Michael W. Cristiani Community Leadership Award

Someone who empowers, engages, and connects the Tableau community. Examples include (but are not limited to): organizing meetups, user groups; consistently sharing blog posts; and someone who informally/formally provides mentoring/training. This is our highest award and is given out only once per winner. 

The 2024 winner is: Dzifa Amexo

The Vizzies Dzifa Amexo

Iron Viz Fan Favorite

The Iron Viz Fan Favorite Award is determined by audience voting. You voted and...

The 2024 winner is: Chris Westlake

Iron Viz Fan Favorite

That's not it yet... 

This year, we were absolutely blown away when Tableau Visionary Annabelle Rincon and the incredible Community honored us with our very own special award.

The Vizzie to Rule Them All

The Vizzie to Rule Them All

Congrats to this year’s Vizzie recipients, all nominees, and the entire DataFam! We are so grateful for your support over the past nine years as it has transformed our awards ceremony into a truly magical event. We’re so honored by receiving the “Vizzie to Rule Them All” this year—a special thanks to Annabelle Rincon who made this moment happen. Thank you for continuously bringing your enthusiasm and making each year unforgettable. Here’s to our tenth edition next year!