Local File Save with Tableau Desktop Public Edition

Local file saving is available for all Tableau Desktop Public Edition users for free.

With over 4M profiles, Tableau Public has been revolutionizing the way individuals across various disciplines and geographies engage with data. From students to aspiring data analysts and non-profit organizations, Tableau Public—a free platform to explore, create, and publicly share data visualizations online—enables authors of all skill levels to explore, create, and share impactful data visualizations making relatable data stories a part of everyday life.

Now, we’re making it even easier for anyone to visualize the data that matters most to them with the latest update to Tableau Desktop Public Edition—local file saving. 

With local save, Tableau Desktop Public Edition users will be able to:

  • Save workbooks to their local desktop
  • Visualize public and private data
  • Create and save visualizations on the go—no internet connection required
  • Benefit from a new auto-save feature
  • Perfect their data visualizations before sharing with the world

From Tableau’s start, we’ve been on a mission to help you see, understand, and act on your data. And since its first release, Tableau Public has sought to make the power of data analysis available to everyone by building the next generation of data analysts, which has enabled millions of authors. We’re expanding the Tableau Public offering and making it even easier for anyone to visualize their data with Tableau Desktop Public Edition, a free and easy-to-use local desktop application that empowers people of all skill levels across disciplines and geographies to explore, create, and securely save visualizations locally. 

Tableau Desktop Public Edition showing local file saving of a blue and green tree map visualization

Local file saving enhances our free desktop application by allowing private data exploration and more flexible data storytelling, and is a leap toward making powerful, intuitive data analytics universally accessible, empowering individuals to create impactful visualizations and share their unique data stories.

Tableau Desktop Public Edition enables you to seamlessly build and iterate on visualizations with an intuitive drag-and-drop experience and dynamic previews. Explore new questions, spot trends, and identify opportunities. Once you’ve completed your visualization, you still have the opportunity to share your work with the DataFam by publishing to your Tableau Public profile.

Dive into the world of data like never before and enjoy secure local file saving. Download Tableau Desktop Public Edition today for free or update to the latest version.