Featured Authors: Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

Connect with this cohort of Featured Authors as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed each year from September 15 to October 15. The rich histories, culture, contributions, and influence of Hispanic Americans are recognized during this time. Join us in honoring Tableau Public authors with Hispanic roots by shining the spotlight on their work and contributions to the DataFam.

I am thrilled to introduce a new cohort of Featured Authors. Each of them has delighted us with their unique contributions to Tableau Public's ever-growing collection of over 8 million vizzes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn more about them and explore their notable portfolios.


Angeles Sevilla was born in Mexico and moved to Canada as a preteen. It was a challenge to learn the language and build a sense of belonging. Now Angeles is a bilingual English & Spanish Algonquin College graduate, hair stylist, and data analyst. As a data analyst, Angeles uses Tableau & Tableau Public to visualize data and create outstanding dashboards for presentations and projects. She will continue to use Tableau because it is easy to use, great for sharing work, as well as finding inspiration from other users. Connect with Angeles on LinkedIn.

Kara Galvan is a research scientist at California Department of Public Health. She discovered Tableau Public in 2022 and began creating dashboards on her own personal data and uses Tableau in her current role. Her favorite part of Tableau Public is learning visualization best practices and techniques from experts and finding design and chart inspiration she wouldn't have otherwise known about. She looks forward to expanding her reach and ability with the voice data visualization gives her. Connect with Kara on Tableau Public and LinkedIn.

Leandro Mercanti creates data viz at work and on personal projects using Tableau Public, which enables them to elevate their analysis to another level. Their favorite part about Tableau Public is the immense potential it offers to transform mundane datasets into clear insights for business analysis and informed decision-making. They’ve been using Tableau Public for the past 6 months and particularly enjoy vizzing about Financial Markets and Economic Data. Connect with Leandro on Tableau Public and LinkedIn.

Luis Patricio Ramirez is a Data Analytics student at St. Clair College in Canada. Realizing the pivotal role that data plays in decision-making and the indispensable value of data visualization ignited his passion for Tableau Public, a platform that empowered him to harness the full potential of data and provided him with a robust toolkit for creating captivating visualizations. He relishes the opportunity to design visualizations that incorporate advanced analytical methodologies such as machine learning and sentiment analysis, all within the framework of Tableau, a tool that has become an essential cornerstone of his professional development. In his free time, he loves to spend time in family. Connect with Luis Patricio on Tableau PublicLinkedIn, and Kaggle.

Maria Naveira is a data analytics professional with 10 years of experience in the field. She is a data visualization leader from Slalom Consulting in Philadelphia and was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She creates vizzes at work and for fun in her free time. She leverages Tableau Public to expand her Tableau skillset, interact with the data viz community, and as a portfolio for her viz designs. She’s been using Tableau Public for over 5 years and her favorite part about it is seeing designs from authors at all stages of their viz journey and learning from their work. Her favorite topics to viz is marketing analytics or anything #MakeoverMonday related. Connect with Maria on Tableau PublicLinkedIn, and mgndatavisualizations.com.

Rafael Guevara Jr. has been on Tableau Public since 2019. His favorite topics to viz about are sports, weather, and city data. Tableau Public enables Rafael to build his viz portfolio and improve his data visualization skills. Rafael shares more about his journey and the things he enjoys about Tableau in his blog. His goal is to help guide people who share the same passion for Tableau in their data journey and to grow his data network. Rafael wants to remind you that it's never too late to improve yourself and put yourself out there. Approaching any problem only gets you closer to the solution. Connect with Rafael on Tableau Public and LinkedIn.

Tina Macias is an investigative producer for KHOU 11News in Houston, Texas. She was first introduced to Tableau in 2014 through its partnership with the Investigative Reporters and Editors organization. Almost 10 years later, she appreciates that Tableau continues to value journalists and the importance of making data more accessible and understandable. She loves visualizing newsworthy data, and her vizzes have brought life to banned books data, school counselor shortages, gang crime hotspots and COVID data that she updated daily for two years. Other data visualization software has come along, but she sticks with Tableau – and encourages other data journalists to use it -- for its ability to story tell with multiple data sources, annotate nuances and sources and give audiences multiple views all on one dashboard. Connect with Tina on Tableau PublicLinkedInTwitter or KHOU Investigates.

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