#Data15 in Vizzes

What is more poetic than people creating data visualizations about a conference on data visualization? Well that's exactly what many people did for Tableau's 2015 Conference in Vegas. In this post I'd like to highlight vizzes that look at different parts of Conference, from twitter to flight paths the Tableau community vizzed it all. This is not an exhaustive list, and I'd like to give a big virtual high-five to everyone who created and shared their fantastic #data15 vizzes - it's the community that really makes Tableau rock!

Vegas Overview

Branden Fulton: The Fabulous Las Vegas

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Robert Rouse: Tableau Conference 2015: Where are you from?

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Jeremy Poole: #Data15 Foodie Map

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Vegas Noir - Graphic Novella

RJ Andrews: Data City

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What People Did

Timothy Vermeiren: Biztory @ Tableau Conference 2015

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What Happened on Twitter

Nelson Davis: Tableau Conference 2015 Tweets

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Countdown to Conference 2016!

Benu Bhargava: Countdown to #data16

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