Sometimes the challenges that we face when creating a visualization are simple in scale, but difficult to solve. This 3-minute video features tips on how to quickly get around 3 common obstacles when building a viz or dashboard in Tableau.

The video only takes three minutes to watch through. You'll learn how to set up a table calculation that will allow you to filter without changing percent of total calculations, as well as how to dynamically hide reference lines with a parameter. The final trick? Moving vizzes between workbooks with just three clicks.

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Thanks Ross. Very useful tips and the 3 minute format makes it easy to absorb the info.

Thanks for the tip on the table calc. Seems like it will come in handy Someday. Wanted to mention, though, that the video wouldn't play on my iPad; would be a lot easier if it would, since that's how I usually catch up on my reading.

Great tips, Ross. I love the filter by Table Calc and already have plans to put it to use. Always great to see examples of working Tableau's order or precedence in applying filters/calculations. Thank you.

Great tips and I like the 3 min format. Easily could become a popular series.

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