hetras: Increasing hotel revenue with embedded analytics

hetras embeds Tableau Cloud into their cloud-based product. Customers can now access data without having to switch between multiple systems. Approximately 100 hotels of all sizes use a cloud-based hetras solution. Within hetras, hoteliers and hotel revenue managers use Tableau to analyze bookings and set room rates based on demand. Today, hotels can adjust their pricing multiple times a day and quickly analyze impact.

Tableau: Who is hetras? What are you offering and who is your target audience? Philipp von Ditfurth, CEO: My name is Philipp von Ditfurth. I am CEO of hetras, a cloud-based hotel management software. Our customers are hoteliers or hotel revenue managers, who set the room rates on a day by day basis. Tableau: Which Tableau products are you using and what for? Philipp von Ditfurth: We are using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Cloud to visualize data through the web. There are roughly 100 hotels that employ our solutions. For each hotel there are 5 to 10 people working with our data specifically. Hotel revenue managers are using Tableau for their everyday work. They analyze all past and future bookings in order to make the right decisions when setting room rates. Tableau has become a staple in the daily routine of our customers. Tableau: What do you like about Tableau? Philipp von Ditfurth: Tableau really made an impression by being very easy to learn. It just works very intuitively.

What used to take hours of tedious work is now instantly available at any time.

Tableau: What are the essential advantages of Tableau? Philipp von Ditfurth: At the same time, the combination of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Cloud gives us the ability to easily integrate Tableau with our cloud based products. Last but not least it’s simply the performance. We decided to go with Tableau because it allows us to switch seamlessly. And thanks to Tableau’s system partner we were able to very quickly deliver on the wishes and requirements of our customers. Tableau: What impact has Tableau had on your customers’ day to day work? Philipp von Ditfurth: For similar analyses, multiple hotel staff had to work in huge Excel files, often for several days. And since this sort of information is required daily, it was a lot of work. Now with Tableau, the data is prepared and ready at the touch of a button. What used to take hours of tedious work is now instantly available at any time. This means hotels are now able to adjust their pricing not just once, but multiple times per day and directly impact the hotel revenue. By seamlessly integrating Tableau into our own cloud-based product, we are able to deliver higher quality services. Users have direct access to their data without ever switching systems in order to analyze data for their core tasks. Everything is available right in the product, making daily work a lot more efficient. Tableau: What are your plans for the future? Philipp von Ditfurth: We started by making Tableau available to our customers in the form of Tableau Cloud. The next step was to integrate Tableau into our own solution. This is the general direction we’re moving in. We want to integrate Tableau even deeper into our product and, by doing so, deliver new and better services to our customers.