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How Financial Services Can Manage IT Controls and Reduce Risk with Data-Driven Analytics

Financial services firms face compounding risks if essential IT controls are not managed effectively. But with data-driven analytics your IT team can stay in compliance and reduce risk to the business.

Watch this demo to see how Tableau’s IT controls dashboard helps you easily see when your global servers, services, and software applications are due to become obsolete—so you can proactively manage risks before they impact the business.

You’ll learn how to use visual analytics to quickly identify IT systems approaching its end-of-life, ensuring that your critical services are always protected. Then use simple natural language to quickly understand the root cause of at-risk systems.

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Manage IT controls with data analytics
  • Prevent software risks impacting the business
  • Boost business productivity by maintaining IT services

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Abdi Abdullahi

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Abdi is a Solution Engineer at Tableau working in the UKI market. As a Solution Engineer he is responsible for helping our customers get started with Tableau so they can see and understand their data.

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