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Marketing by instinct is over. Across industries and in every role, making marketing decisions with data has never been more crucial.

From knowing what’s happening across channels to seeing a top-line view of performance before drilling into the details, Tableau delivers. Connect to all of your data and get the insights you need to make strategic decisions.

Choose your journey below and check out sample dashboards for ideas and inspiration for maximizing your marketing data, supporting planning, and connecting with brand advocates.

Chief Marketing Officer

Well-known brands like AllRecipes, Humana, and Home Depot have successfully deployed Tableau to uncover essential insights from their marketing data. In this collection of dashboard presentations you will see examples of:

  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Funnel and forecast tracking
  • Understanding consumer behavior through visual analytics
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Digital Marketing

Walt Disney and Lionsgate are just some of the Tableau customers using Tableau to gain a complete view of their digital marketing. In this collection of dashboard presentations you will see examples of:

  • Visualizing your media mix
  • Using data visualization to analyze social media trends
  • Gaining insights to your digital media buys
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Marketing Operations

Harnessing the power of marketing technology investments is no easy task. You’re caught between the need to be confident that your data is secure, compliant, and governed and the demand for creativity and flexibility in how you use the data. In this collection of dashboard presentations you will see examples of:

  • How to drive ad ROI with Tableau and Google Big Query
  • Visualizing web site searches
  • analyzing funnel velocity
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Marketing Analyst/Line-of-Business

Marketing and line-of-business analysts are becoming critical players in today’s modern data companies. In this collection of dashboard presentations you will see examples of:

  • Visually blending survey and social data
  • Identifying content traffic trends
  • Tracking tests to improve customer experiences
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Marketing should not be a pain, but should be relevant. Our marketing should not distract the customer, but rather provide them with answers to their individual questions.

À propos de Tableau

Tableau vous aide à transformer vos données en informations exploitables. Découvrez des possibilités d'analyse visuelle illimitées. Créez des tableaux de bord et effectuez des analyses ad hoc en seulement quelques clics. Partagez vos documents de travail avec les personnes de votre choix et marquez les esprits dans votre entreprise. Des grandes multinationales aux startups naissantes en passant par les TPE, tout le monde utilise Tableau pour voir et comprendre ses données.

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