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Visual Analytics with Tableau @ Deloitte

Traditional reporting is slowly becoming obsolete. Companies put their faith in self-service analytics and deploy agile solutions to support business users and IT alike.

If you are planning to establish a modern culture of analytics in your organization, it is high time to develop a comprehensive analytics strategy.

Tableau provides easy to use and out-of-the box advanced analytics tools. In this webinar, we will introduce step by step how to create basic and more advanced calculations in Tableau.

We will cover:

  • Basic calculations
  • Quick table calculations
  • String functions
  • Date functions
  • Logical statements
  • Parameters
  • Introduction to Level of Detail expressions

This webinar session will be delivered in Italian.

Please use the following event number to connect to the webinar: 929 228 953

About the speakers


Stefania Massenz

Sales Area Manager at Tableau Software

Silvia Cioffi

Product Consultant, Tableau

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