Tableau 8.2

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New features to help you discover and communicate insights

  • Mac

  • Story Points

  • New Map Designs

  • Visual data window

Additional Tableau Desktop features

New Excel & Text File Connector

Connect to Microsoft Excel and text file data sources that are more than 255 columns. The new connectors automatically and more accurately detect data types and support functions, including Count Distinct and Median.

Improved SAP HANA Connector

The SAP HANA connector now supports HANA variables and Input Parameters.

Native Support for Google BigQuery API

The Tableau connection to Google BigQuery now uses the native API from BigQuery, which means you’ll see improved performance and flexibility.

Splunk Connector

Connect to and analyze machine-data in Splunk with the native Splunk connector (originally introduced in Tableau 8.1.4).

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Additional Tableau Server features


Tableau Server now comes with a REST API to help you easily manage and change your server resources programmatically, via HTTP. Use the API to create new sites, add or delete users from sites, and much more.

Simplified Log Access

Now you can download Tableau Server log files directly from the Admin page in your web browser. Key log files are now generated as JSON to be machine-readable.

Import & Export Sites

All content within Tableau Server can be exported and imported on a per-site basis. This allows you to back up more efficiently or move content from one Tableau Server instance to another.

Disable Web Authoring

On Tableau Server, all web authoring capabilities can be disabled on a per-site basis, providing more administrative flexibility and control.

Change Content Owner

You can now reassign the ownership of any published content to another user on Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Responsive Marks

The web experience of published content has been upgraded to provide faster response times within the browser. When hovering over a mark on a view, the mark will respond immediately.

OAuth Support

Tableau now supports OAuth authentication when connecting to Salesforce, Google Analytics and Google BigQuery. This makes it convenient to connect to these data sources across all your workbooks and data sources. It also adds a layer of security since Tableau does not have to hold your credentials directly.

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