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Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards. It's easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds.

The result is BI software that you can trust to actually deliver answers to the people that need them.

Business Intelligence tools to help you move forward, not hold you back

Your business is fast moving and adaptable; why should you settle for BI software that is slow and inflexible? Tableau is leading the way with the features that you need today, and the capabilities that you want for tomorrow.

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Business Intelligence software in harmony with IT

Today's organizations need efficient, scalable and easily deployable business intelligence tools in order to accomplish their goals. All too often, onboarding a new BI tool is an effort of weeks, months or even years - and maintenance is punctuated by a neverending stream of user requests and expensive consulting bills.

Tableau takes a different approach. Installing Tableau Desktop takes minutes. Once it's installed, anyone can connect to big data with a click and create interactive, analytical dashboards. Sharing dashboards is just as easy: simply publish them to either Tableau Server (on-premise), or Tableau Online (Tableau Server in the cloud). Even large enterprise deployments can be achieved with ease using Tableau's Drive methodology.

The result? Tableau BI: software that gives people the answers that they need, and lets IT focus on other tasks.

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Gartner BI Tools User Survey

What industry analysts say

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business and Analytics Platforms presents a global view of Gartner’s opinion of the main software vendors that should be considered by organizations seeking BI and analytics tools.

In this year's report, Gartner said that “It is very likely that 2014 will be a critical year in which the task of making “hard types of analysis easy” for an expanded set of users, along with ensuring governance, sales and performance for larger amounts of diverse data, will continue to dominate BI market requirements.”

As you can see, Gartner has called out Tableau as the Leader in this year's Quadrant. We feel this is a direct result of Tableau's long standing commitment to making analytics accessible to anyone, and creating easier methods to perform the more difficult Business Intelligence tasks.

Gartner also took the time to survey hundreds of customers of the leading BI platforms to see what they thought about their BI solution. Tableau received one of the highest scores for Overall Product Ratings by Use versus Number of Survey Responses amongst the 30 Magic Quadrant BI platforms.

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What our customers say

Tableau customers come from a diverse range of industries but they all share one trait: they have data that they need to turn into answers. In this video, John Ostdiek, VP of Sales Operations at Seagate explains how they have used Tableau to get the most out of their data.

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We can now visually analyze multi-million-row tables and datasets directly on the database – without performing interim steps of aggregation, export and import.

I installed your demo last night. What an experience. Within 10 minutes, without ever using the product, I was able to generate the analysis we have wanted for more than 2 years. Nobody had the time to figure it out in Excel. Tableau rocks!

Find answers in seconds

Tableau Desktop is a powerful data discovery and exploration application that allows you to answer pressing questions in seconds. This video shows how you can use Tableau's drag and drop interface to visualize any data, explore different views, and even combine multiple databases together with ease.

Unlike other business intelligence systems, there is no need for wizards or complex scripting, anyone who understands the business problem can address it with a visualization of the relevant data. When the analysis is finished, sharing with others is as easy as publishing to Tableau Server.

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Share dashboards and enable exploration

Tableau is a powerful tool for analyzing data, but amazing insights are meant to be shared with everyone... and explored further! Tableau makes it easy to share data, no matter what your requirements are. Tableau Online is an easy-to-use, cloud based BI tool that can enable any organization to share visualizations created in Tableau Desktop with other people. Tableau Server enables the same sharing capabilities through a similar interface, but it is installed on your own network servers and managed by you.

As you would expect, all visualizations on Tableau Server and Tableau Online are fully interactive and can be embedded in any webpage. The sales dashboard below is an example of an embedded Tableau visualization. Click a circle or filter in the visualization to experiment for yourself.

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