Tableau 9.1: My, That’s Some Enterprising Data

By Ryan McShane September 14, 2015

Heads up, data lovers. Tableau 9.1 is here.

Get ready to analyze all of your web data with the new Web Data Connector. Connect to Google sheets, Facebook data, and enterprise web services. Learn how to build your own connector, and see what’s been built by other creators in Tableau’s community.

An entirely new Tableau Mobile iPad app lets Tableau Online and Tableau Server customers get to their data from anywhere with a fast and fluid touch experience. It’s like data candy for your fingers.

Enterprise IT departments, rejoice. Tableau 9.1 also has enhanced enterprise security capabilities and improved proprietary connections to cloud data technologies from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and SAP.

The momentum has been building since we first announced the details of Tableau 9.1 at Tableau Conference on Tour in London. And we’ve enjoyed hearing from Tableau enthusiasts in recent weeks.

Speaking of beta, we’d like to thank our beta users for testing Tableau 9.1 and sharing their feedback with us.

Download Tableau 9.1 or get the iPad app and explore all of your data faster.

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Submitted by Muhammad Aldo (not verified) on

Wow that's game changer feature! And is it means that we no need to use to do web scraping?

Submitted by Michael Perillo (not verified) on

Muhammad, you can still use In fact, check out this article from the Information Lab. They provide a WDC to

Submitted by Dusty (not verified) on

Have all the data connections you want. We can't purchase until we get the simple feature of exporting data to Excel from the web portal. This is the only feature keeping us from getting Tableu.

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