Tableau Zen Masters

The spirit of Tableau is our customers. We build software for the everyday person. By listening to and engaging with our community, we not only build better software, but ultimately a better company.

From this community, a select few have risen above all the rest in their mastery of the product, their willingness to share knowledge and most crucially their desire to help us improve the Tableau solutions of tomorrow. They are, at the same time, our biggest advocates as well as our harshest critics. We are lucky to have them.

Each of these people have demonstrated, in their own way, the Zen of Tableau.

Selecting a Tableau Zen Master

Tableau Zen Masters are nominated by our Tableau community and our employees. We create a shortlist ahead of the annual US Conference and announce that year’s Zen Masters at the Conference. Zen Masters are selected for one year, based on their contributions from the previous year.

What does it take to become a Tableau Zen Master? We look for people who excel in the following categories:


  • Have they shown a deep understanding of how Tableau works?
  • Are their answers to questions correct and clear?
  • Are their publicly shared dashboards works of art, perfectly balancing functionality and beauty?
  • Do they develop innovative, effective new ways to use Tableau?


  • Do they help others be better Tableau users?
  • Are they a Tableau Evangelist who shares our mission? Also, are they confident to constructively tell us when we get things wrong?
  • Do we find them engaging with others on our Community, LinkedIn, Quora, blogs, user groups, Twitter, Tableau Public?


  • Do they contribute useful, popular ideas on our Ideas site?
  • Do they share tips and tricks that even our brightest developers hadn’t considered?
  • Do they add to the community by offering help to people of all expertise levels?
  • Do they help bring Tableau and its mission to new communities and geographies?


Current Tableau Zen Masters

Adam McCann

Adam McCann is Specialist Leader at Deloitte Consulting in Washington DC. He has over 10 years experience in advanced analytics. Adam says, "I have extensive experience with predictive modeling, business intelligence engineering, data visualization, data mining, and database design. I specialize in conducting advanced analytics and building innovative visual business intelligence solutions to visualize the results. I also have experience in workforce planning, risk analysis, emergency management, metrics development, Monte-Carlo simulations, data scraping, and process flow optimization modeling."
Twitter: @adamemccann
Web: DuelingData

Allan Walker

Allan Walker is a consultant for Slalom, LLC. His remit is to provide Slalom’s clients with best in the world Tableau-based integrated solutions meeting or exceeding their requirements. His aim is to provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time. His missions are to integrate Geo-spatial and Business Intelligence, and to enable full sensory data exploration.
Twitter: @AllanWalkerIT

Andy Kriebel

Andy stumbled upon Tableau in 2007 when he was desperate for help to quickly create dashboards using SSAS cubes. Since then, it’s been Andy’s personal mission to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s School of Data. Data is knowledge, but Andy believes that seeing data is insight. In August 2009 he launched, which provides examples of data visualization best practices, methods for improving existing work, and tips and tricks with Tableau Software. He writes two weekly series: Makeover Monday and Tableau Tip Tuesday. He also recently launched, a site created to highlight data visualisation best practices. Away from Tableau, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and four children being tourists in their own town. You might find Andy running the streets of London, playing football, or cheering on his beloved Arsenal in a local pub. One of Andy’s goals is to become to low handicap golfer at The Information Lab.
Twitter: @VizWizBI
Facebook: Vizwiz

Anya A'Hearn

Anya has been working for over 20 years in analytics, business intelligence and data visualization. Her client projects have focused on analysis for financial services, mobile and Web applications, social media monitoring, airlines, and customer segmentation and targeting. Blending her background in economics and product design, she enjoys using Tableau to blur the lines between data visualization, infographics, and art. She has been a Tableau user for the last 6 years and was the 2012 Iron Viz Champion.
Twitter: @datablick

Chris Love

Chris first found Tableau Public in late 2013 when starting his personal data blog Sciolistic Ramblings and has never looked back. Such was his passion for Tableau a swift rethink of his career direction followed and he joined The Information Lab only a few months later, thriving on the problem solving and creative challenges thrown up by working with users across a broad range of disciplines. A regular publisher on Tableau Public, Chris blogs regularly on all aspects of Tableau - most recently helping other Tableau users move from "Good to Great" in a series of video blogs. A long time Alteryx user Chris has also been recognised as an Alteryx ACE and is also a Tableau Certified Trainer. Away from the data community Chris flexes his creative muscles still further as an amateur photographer (
Twitter: @ChrisLuv
Blog: The Information Lab

Craig Bloodworth

Craig developed his Tableau publishing skills through the analysis of public datasets, downloading Excel reports & poorly structured csv files by the bucket load. Through working with The Guardian’s data blog he perfected the art of creating clean, intuitive dashboards designed to be easily understood by people who had no previous experience of BI while also telling an interesting data discovery story. Currently he’s pursuing a goal of turning as many people on to Tableau as possible. He does this through his professional work with The Information Lab (a Tableau Gold Partner), and the development of tools such as the Google Chrome Extension for Tableau Server (available in the Chrome Web Store). He also launched the online Tableau mapping repository
Twitter: @craigbloodworth

Jeffrey Shaffer

Jeffrey A. Shaffer, Vice President of Information Technology and Analytics at Unifund and Recovery Decision Science. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business teaching Data Visualization. He is a regular speaker at conferences, symposiums, universities and corporate training programs on the topics of data visualization, data mining and Tableau and has taught data visualization at the KPMG Advisory University. He was the winner of the 2014 Quantified Self Viz Contest, competed in the 2014 Tableau IronViz competition and led the Cincinnati Tableau User Group to victory in the 2015 War of TUGs. He is also a Tableau Ambassador for Social Media.
Twitter: @HighVizAbility
Blog: Data Plus Science
Blog: Dear-Data-Two

Joe Mako

Joe Mako is Director of Visual Analytics at Rosenblatt Securities and part of the Execution Analytics & Consulting group, which works with some of the largest institutional investors in the world. In the evening, Joe is an independent consultant. Joe has an unstoppable desire to help others solve problems with Tableau. With his innovation, friendliness, creativity, and talent, Joe helps people answer complex questions and communicate insights that drive decisions. Joe has contributed to the Tableau community since 2008 where he has helped thousands of people worldwide. "When you interact with Joe, be ready to be infused with knowledge and an abundance of energy."

Twitter: @joemako

Jonathan Drummey

Jonathan Drummey looks for the hidden patterns and algorithms in systems and processes in order to make the most effective and efficient change. As a data analyst at Southern Maine Medical Center, he supports improvements in patient safety, experience, and quality of care. As a Tableau user, he works to unearth the features and capabilities of his favorite piece of software to help others master Tableau. Jonathan is active in the Tableau Support Community as well as on his blog, Drawing with Numbers.
Twitter: @jonathandrummey
Web: Drawing With Numbers

Jonathan Trajkovic

Jonathan says, "After a Master degree in Chemistry (drug design) in 2010 and a master degree in Management in 2012, I'm working as a Data Analyst in a French startup. I like to "crunch" data and try to give an easy way to understand it! I'm also a trumpet player, and have been in my Brass Band for more than 10 years!
Twitter: @j_trajkovic
Blog: TipsAndViz

Joshua Milligan

Joshua Milligan has been a consultant with Teknion Data Solutions since 2004 where he loves helping clients gain insight and make decisions based on their data. He loves to push the limits with Tableau to see what’s possible and then train and mentor others in the beautiful simplicity that Tableau brings to data analysis and visualization. He is a Tableau Social Ambassador and enjoys helping and learning from the Tableau and data visualization community through interactions on the forums, blog posts, and social media. He drew upon the vast wealth of community experience in writing the book Learning Tableau. He and his wife Kara have two young children with another expected in February.
Twitter: @VizPainter

Kelly Martin

Data analyst for past 12 years, mostly in Health Care, Child Protection and Telecommunications, strategic and operational planning. Kelly started using Tableau Public in 2010 and became immediately addicted. Before Tableau, Kelly was an analyst who didn't think she could face one more day of Excel spreadsheets. Tableau has re-invigorated her passion for her work and has made her a kick-ass user! Not bad for a grandma.
Blog: VizCandy
Twitter: @VizCandy

Mark Jackson

Mark is currently the Manager of Business Intelligence at Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, GA. He has been with Piedmont since 2010. Prior to Piedmont he spent 6 years with KPMG where he assisted a number of Fortune 1000 companies in both an advisory and an audit capacity. His industry experience has also been broad and varied, but primarily focused on healthcare, transportation, and information services. Mark’s innovative spirit has also led to the development of services and tools that have gained global exposure. Mark is also a nationally recognized leader in business intelligence solutions with expertise in data modeling, SQL, and data presentation tools.
Twitter: @ugamarkj

Matt Francis

After graduating with a degree in astrophysics, Matt joined the Sanger Institute in 1997 as a data manager processing DNA sequencing data. Francis then moved into software programming and wrote the code that powered the sequencing pipeline. Two years ago, Francis discovered Tableau Software and realized it could change how his team monitored the pipeline. Moving from simple charts to interactive dashboards, the team now considers Tableau Software to be an integral part of its sequencing operations. The Sanger Institute expects that Tableau will play a core part in its future development plans. Francis now spends his time wrangling data and creating dashboards. He enjoys seeing jaws drop as people experience Tableau for the first time.
Twitter: @Matt_Francis

Mike Roberts

As Director of Data Analytics for Pluralsight, Mike leverages his diverse skill set and background to create an environment where data is recognized as an indispensable pillar of the organization. His wide range of experiences and interests encompass data, analytics, visualization and scripting. Has has worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as small business, helping them understand and operationalize their vast data troves. When he’s not tinkering with Tableau, Mike is preaching the benefits of viewing Tableau as part of an Analytics Stack (Data - Scripting - Tableau), and putting his Tableau Server/Desktop code out on Github for all to enjoy.
Twitter: @DataRoberts
Blog: Pluralsight

Peter Gilks

Peter works in Product Insights at Spotify in New York. After discovering Tableau in 2009 when a customer insight analyst, he fell in love with the way it could quickly bring data stories to life in creative and engaging ways. After experiencing how Tableau transformed his own work, he had the pleasure of bringing that experience to others while consulting with Slalom and is now helping Spotify to improve their products through data driven insights. Peter also runs his own blog where he provides tips and tricks and lets his creative juices flow via Tableau Public visualizations on a variety of topics.
Twitter: @pgilks
Web: PaintByNumbers

Robert Radburn

“One of the first pieces of feedback Rob received on his work at Leicestershire County Council in 2000 included this glowing testament: “Data presentation is default, formulaic and does not generally convey any useful information.” And so began Rob’s adventures in data visualisation. Since 2011 Rob has been Research and Insight Team Leader and uses Tableau with an ever-expanding number of different datasets and clients. This covers analysing surveys, understanding crime, demographic and economic trends, and making sense of data from services as diverse as social work to grass cutting. In a sector which is experiencing substantial financial constraints, understanding data better using Tableau is proving an essential way to make best use of available resources. As Rob continues to try and banish the memory of that first project you can follow his Adventures in Viz at
Twitter: @robradburn
Blog: Adventures in Viz

Robert Rouse

Robert's passion for data has been a constant theme while serving as an Air Force officer, an engineer, in campus ministry, and now as an Analytics Consultant for InterWorks. Upon discovering Tableau in 2010, he saw exciting opportunities to apply it to his project management role and to his collection of biblical metadata ( His appetite for ever-larger data sets and complex analysis led him to pursue a career helping people solve tough business problems. When Robert hears "That can't be done," he takes it as a personal challenge to make it happen. He enjoys leading people out of their comfort zone into a world of new possibilities for understanding their data.
Twitter: @bibleviz
Blog: Interworks

Shawn Wallwork

Shawn came to Tableau from the advertising industry. Back in 2011 he was asked to find a way to make sense of the mountains of data that need to be analyzed to make informed media planning/buying decisions. That’s when he discovered Tableau; it was love at first sight! Like Kelly, Shawn became immediately addicted. And when he discovered the wonderful people in the Tableau forums, he was hooked for life! Shawn currently offers his services and expertise as an independent consultant, through his company, Remote Tableau Consultant.
Twitter: @ShawnWallwork
Community Page: Shawn's Community Page

Steve Wexler

Steve is the founder of Data Revelations, a data visualization consultancy that helps organizations better understand and share data. Steve was the winner of the Strata / O’Reilly data visualization competition and the inaugural Tableau Iron Viz competition. Steve enjoys an active following within the data visualization community with his blog posts reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every year. Steve has also taught thousands of people data visualization and Tableau in both large and small organizations and is known for conducting his seminars with clarity, patience and humor. When not consulting or training, Steve leads and plays bass for The Top Shelf, one of the top Motown / R&B bands in New York City (see
Twitter: @VizBizWiz
Web: Data Revelations

Tamas Foldi

During daytime Starschema owner, co-founder & CTO Tamas Foldi leads an army of 100+ Big Data and Data Viz consultants making Starschema a top notch worldwide DevOps provider focusing on large deployments and cutting edge custom made solutions. He never leaves the work field, he is always ready to help his teams to crunch and refine petabytes of data across every continent, every day. As the sun goes down Tamas becomes a Tableau rebel at heart: constantly pushing the limits of Tableau capabilities and helping newcomer developers using Server APIs. He is notorious for thinking out of the box and delivering extreme business value using unique and unconquered solutions. And he does what others rarely do these days: he hacks F.U.N. into Tableau. When not fighting bits and bytes he relaxes with his family, teaches functional programming, rides his longboard in the office and, not to mention, he is a heavyweight Xbox FIFA warrior, too.
Twitter: @tfoldi
Web: Starschema
Blog: Databoss

Former Tableau Zen Masters

Chuck Hooper

Twitter: @chuck_hooper

Dan Murray

Twitter: @DGM885
Web: Interworks

Jen Underwood

LinkedIn: Jen Underwood

Matt Lutton

Twitter: Matt Lutton

Noah Salvaterra

Twitter: @noahsalvaterra
Web: Noah's profile

Ramon Martinez

Twitter: @HlthAnalysis
Web: Health Intelligence

Richard Leeke


Ryan Robitaille

LinkedIn: Ryan Robitaille