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Comment Exceller avec Tableau

Utiliser Tableau pour vos analyses ne signifie pas que vous devez abandonner vos feuilles de calcul Excel.

Lors de cette session, Ariane, vous présentera :

  • Comment structurer et formater vos données Excel pour les analyser dans Tableau
  • Comment utiliser les calculs
  • Comment construire des visualisations pour une analyse plus intuitive

About the speaker


Ariane Lion-Giustiniani

Product Consultant, Tableau

Ariane is an associate product consultant at Tableau based in our London office. Prior to Tableau, Ariane studied Information Management for Business at University College London. Combining computer science and business, this course led her to work on various projects considering the implications of a society increasingly blurring the lines between our physical and digital worlds. She soon realised her passion for interaction design and put her focus on developing diverse mobile application prototypes, always driven by the same line of thought: technology is a change catalyst. Following this way of thinking, Ariane joined Tableau with the mission to empower people and organisations with their data and ultimately help them thrive in our complex society.

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