Google BigQuery

The combination of Google BigQuery’s scalable platform for interactive analysis of massive datasets with Tableau brings easy-to-use visual analysis to everyone.

  • Put the power of Google BigQuery into the hands of every day users for fast interactive analysis.
  • Analyze billions of rows in seconds using visual analysis tools without writing a single line of code.
  • Create stunning dashboards in minutes that connect to your Google BigQuery data.
  • Share reports and insights on the web using Tableau Server and Tableau Online to allow anyone to connect from any device.
  • Connect live to BigQuery from Tableau Online to create an all-cloud data solution.

Learn More About Google BigQuery

Live Connectivity
Native connectivity to Google BigQuery

Tableau's optimized live connector for BigQuery does not require any coding or scripting and does not require moving data in-memory allowing you to take full advantage of Google's cloud computing power.

As shown in this video, leverage Google BigQuery's scalable platform directly in Tableau Desktop to perform interactive visual analysis against hundreds of millions of rows with simple drag and drop actions.

Now, big data becomes a reality for every user and organization.

Advanced Analytics
Explore your big data in the cloud

Unlock the insights within your big data in a few clicks. Leverage the speed of Google BigQuery and quickly begin to identify the trends and outliers that will power real-time decisions. Tableau's built-in forecasting and drill-down functionalities reduce the time between question and insight to near real-time.

Let Tableau's visual best practices and interactive capabilities change the way your organization consumes information.

This live dashboard of U.S. birth rates between 1969 and 2004 was built in minutes while pointed at Google BigQuery's natality sample data set composed of more than 137 million rows.

Ease of Use
The power of analysis for everyone

Think you need a statistics degree or a deep background in writing queries to get answers out of your big data?

Think again.

Watch this video and learn how using Tableau with Google BigQuery lets you stay focused on the questions you're asking and not the size of the data set or the complexity of the technology. Even advanced visualization techniques are achievable in a matter of clicks using Tableau's built-in best practices.