Advanced Analytics with Tableau

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Advanced analytics has emerged as a critical component of modern business intelligence in recent years. As organizations rush to take advantage of new capabilities, both data scientists and business users benefit from tools that simplify their workflows.

Advanced analytics is an integral part of Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data. The following whitepaper details how Tableau can help democratize sophisticated analysis. As discussed in the paper, Tableau’s intuitive interface, powerful back end, and statistics integration provide a strong base for any advanced analytics infrastructure.

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We used to exist in a world of either-or. Either you knew how to program or advanced analytics were out your reach. Either you learned to program in R/Python/SAS or you got someone else to do the heavy lifting. At Tableau we believe that to truly augment human intelligence, we need to provide rich capabilities for users of all levels of technical ability. We believe that advanced analytics shouldn’t require programming, that users should get insights and validation in one place with common skills.

Tableau is unique among analytics platforms in that it serves both business users and data scientists. Its simplicity empowers non-programmers to conduct deep analysis without writing code. And its analytical depth augments the workflows of data science groups at cutting-edge analytics companies like Facebook and Amazon.

With a few clicks, you can create box plots, tree maps, and even predictive visuals. With just a few more clicks, you can create forecasts or complex cohort analyses. You can even connect to R and use Tableau as a powerful front-end to visualize model results. This means non-technical users can ask previously unapproachable questions, while data scientists can iterate and discover deeper insights faster, yielding better, more valuable findings.

In this paper we will explore how Tableau can help with all stages of an analytics project, but focus specifically on a few advanced capabilities.

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