Tableau 9 Beta-ers: Show Us How You're Bringing Data to a #WholeNewLevel!

By Michelle Wallace 28 Jan, 2015

On January 9th, we launched the Tableau 9.0 beta program. Over the past two weeks, we've seen an outpouring of blog posts, tutorials, and helpful feedback from the community. Now, we're inviting you to share those thoughts and creations as part of a social media contest!

Overwhelmingly, one of the most talked-about new features has been Level of Detail (LOD) expressions. What are LOD expressions? As Alan Eldridge puts it, they "allow you to directly define the level of detail at which a calculation should be performed." That means they give you much greater control over how your data is aggregated.

Here, Craig Bloodworth shows how LOD expressions can be used to perform deeper calculations:

LOD expressions are one way to bring your data to a whole new level (get it?) in version 9. However, the possibilities don't end there. There are a number of other features that are enabling greater data acrobatics as well.

Regex in Tableau

If you're participating in the beta, we'd love to see your favorite LOD expressions, or just hear what your favorite new feature is! Whether it be regular expressions, auto data prep, or simply the new look and feel—we want to know.

So tell us: What LOD expression or other new feature helps you bring your data to a whole new level? Use the hashtag #WholeNewLevel to send us your thoughts, your favorite new calculation, or a link to your blog post or tutorial (find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+). You can also enter the contest by posting on the community forums and tagging your post with #WholeNewLevel.

If we like what you share, we may bring your T-shirt collection to a whole new level (hint, hint)! Happy beta-ing.

Photo credit: Meredith Dicks and Alan Eldridge (via Alan's tutorial on LOD expressions).


Submitted by Jeff (não verificado) on

LOD is sweet~!!!!

Submitted by Chris S. on

The Server facelift is pretty sweeeeeeeeeeeet

Submitted by Matt McLaughlin (não verificado) on

New features in Tableau Server will make managing my BI program easier. Additionally, the updates to desktop, specifically in calculations, will save me and my team hours!

Submitted by Radha (não verificado) on

How can I get to participate in the Beta testing ? I would love to try it out.

Submitted by Mahesh C. on

How Can I participate in the beta testing.

Submitted by Sarathi (não verificado) on

Totals and subtotals over displayed marks instead of separate calc (aka make subtotals work like Excel)

Please make this available in coming version. It is going to be big and big!!

Submitted by Michelle W. on

Hi everyone - I appreciate the responses and feedback!

Radha and Mahesh, please speak with your sales rep for more information about joining the beta.

Sarathi, we appreciate product feedback and invite you to submit your ideas here:

Thank you!

Submitted by Surya Mukherjee (não verificado) on

My review of v9.0 at

Submitted by Thomas C. on

Is there a public v9beta location we we can publish and share our work?

Submitted by Ben Jones (não verificado) on

Yes! You can go ahead and save to Tableau Public from the 9.0 Beta as of last night.

Submitted by Trevor Deane (não verificado) on

Level of Detail Calculations are great. It allows me to do all kinds of things that were just difficult to do before given the data set sizes we were dealing with. I have to start thinking differently about how I approach certain problems.

And the beauty of it is that the implementation is so simple. Great job!

Submitted by EDWARD PHUA (não verificado) on

Can I participate in the beta testing ?

Submitted by Srinivas A. on

Can I be a part of the beta testing?

Submitted by Bruno (não verificado) on

First install, automatic conversion from version 8.x look good from now.

Submitted by Ishaq M. on

LOD are very important features, it will benefit a lot. I have faced challenges building Tableau reports using the last level of detail and then reusing them.
Its good we can use LOD directly now..


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