OEM Partners

In an age where data is king, the most effective way to offer state-of-the-art business intelligence within any application is through an OEM partnership. Not only do customers expect to utilize application data, they want to access it anywhere, even on their mobile devices, and with the latest, greatest, and fastest visual reporting tools available for easy insight-to-action. You can learn more about this from reading our whitepaper, Embedding Business Intelligence: OEM with Tableau.

Tableau OEM partners embed our powerful visual data analysis tools into their own application. OEM partners take Tableau to the next level with more feature and functionality, the possibilities are endless. This video explains a little more.

Many leading independent software vendors (ISVs) large and small are OEM partners of Tableau including IBM, Adobe, Invensys, Zilliant, and Envisionware. Whether your company offers packaged software applications or software as a service (SaaS), an OEM partnership with Tableau provides you with market leading visual analytics while dramatically reducing your development time.

Learn more directly from these existing OEM Partners:

  • LeanKit (Commercial): Project Management solutions provider improves insights they can provide to customers, improves flexibility by choosing to buy Tableau rather than use a “home-grown” solution.
  • Stanley Healthcare (Enterprise): Helping healthcare organizations provide better care through Tableau-based analysis of RFID data.

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