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The Path to Victory Starts with Data

It’s no secret that professional athletics and sports teams are a huge global industry—but there’s more to winning than training hard and putting points on the board. Winning starts with data; from player statistics, media contracts, licensing deals, ticketing and merchandising, and even how many beats per minute a player’s heart might pump on game day.

Tableau allows you to quickly and easily analyze your data. You can connect to almost any data and visualize it by dragging and dropping—no scripting required. Start answering questions as fast as you can think of them with Tableau.

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Evaluate scouting reports and compare player statistics instantly.

Customer Story

Off-season with the Texas Rangers

The players give their all on the field and so does the team behind the scenes. We took advantage of the off-season to visit the front office and learn more about how they use Tableau to turn sports data into a home run for the Texas Rangers.

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7 Ways Sports Teams Win with Analytics

On-field wins often translate to a team’s financial health, but the path to victory starts with putting your data to work for real insight to action. From draft day to fourth down, data analysis is becoming the next big sports enhancer.

This whitepaper will discuss the newest insights professional sports teams are gaining with data.

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Live Webinar

Home Base: Winning with Analytics in the Cleveland Indians’ Front Office
April 30, 2015 at 11:00 am PDT

For a professional athletics organization to be successful, sports data needs to play a role on and off the field. Attend this webinar to hear the Cleveland Indians’ journey deploying self-service analytics across their organization.

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Customer Story

The Bolton Wanderers FC turn data into actionable intelligence

Evaluating talent is probably the greatest challenge sports teams face—so teams are collecting more and more data to gain an edge on the competition.

In this video, the Bolton Wanderers Football Club discusses how to turn raw data into usable information.

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3-Minute Win

NFL Scoring Trends

In this down-to-the-last-second nail-biter, Cory Jez from Interworks leverages calculated fields and parameters to build a dashboard that allows him to explore NFL scoring trends over 35 years. He does it in 3 minutes flat.

Click the video on the left to watch this 3-Minute Win.

I remember the day that Tableau presented my information to me, in the Tableau form, and I leaned over to our IT staff and said, you did it, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It was so visual, and so intuitive, that was the difference. I felt like, for the first time, we were really using our software. You could see it all over the building, that same eureka moment – like, wow, look what I can see!

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Win Big with Sports Analytics

Sports teams have data everywhere: player statistics, media contracts, ticket and merchandise sales, and licensing deals. The ability to quickly gain insight is becoming increasingly important to professionals and fans. Analysis tool must be especially agile and able to connect to diverse data sources to meet the demand for quick, ad-hoc sports analytics.

Tableau enables you to quickly and easily visualize any data, anywhere. Watch the video on the right to see how easy it is to drag and drop your data into beautiful visualizations with Tableau.

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