Use the New Web Data Connector to Reach Any Data

By Ashley Jaschke August 14, 2015

Tableau 9.1 includes the much-anticipated Web Data Connector, which lets you build connections to data that lives beyond the existing connectors. With this new feature, you can connect to almost any data accessible over HTTP including internal web services, JSON data, and REST APIs.

You can use the Tableau Web Data Connector Software Development Kit (SDK) to build connectors with Javascript and HTML. And since you control how the data is fetched, you can even combine data from multiple sources.

The SDK includes templates, example code, a test simulator, and documentation. We’ve also created a place where Tableau users can share connectors and collaborate on new ideas.

To access the SDK, browse the documentation, or share connectors, visit our Community page.

Here’s a preview of the Web Data Connector in action:

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Submitted by Tamas (not verified) on

The community page throws an Unauthorized error for me

Submitted by Pritpal W. on

linkgo our community page gives following error:-
Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.

Submitted by Ian (not verified) on

would love to check it out! looks like there is an error with the page.

Submitted by Martha K. on

The page will go live following the launch of Tableau 9.1. Thanks for your patience!

Submitted by Ian (not verified) on

Building some hype, eh? I feel ya...

Submitted by Keith E. on

It would be really nice if Tableau could try to build some for the most common APIs in house. For example

Submitted by Kelvin M (not verified) on

The page "Start Building Web Data Connectors"

Submitted by Richard J. on

ERROR “The URL points to a website, not a web data connector- a web page with code to get data from a website. Learn more.”
Trying to build a Web Data Connector based on tableau's instructions. All I can say is these are the MOST confusing instructions that I have EVER had to decipher. After Hours of numerous failed attempts I'm soooooo frustrated I'm ready to scream!...but I would terrify my cube neighbors.
PLEASE hire someone who knows how to write simple, understandable instructions.
Why would you add a ‘Web Data Connection’ feature to Tableau that requires a bunch of grunt JAVA programming on the back end???? NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!

Submitted by James M (not verified) on

Keith, Do you mean service connectors like PowerBI has introduced? ( - If so, I agree it would be great is Tableau had this capability too!

Submitted by Mark P. on

Why wouldnt you show what the sample Web Data Connector may look like? It explains what not to do in text, but not in the video. Pretty poor demo even for being high level.

Submitted by Bharathi P. on

Hi, I have some list of APIs and would like to connect through Tableau and get the result on it. What could be the procedure for this?

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