#StuffDataGeeksSay - What Have You Heard?

By Jonah-Kai Hancock January 17, 2012

Everyone at Tableau is a data geek at heart. What we love about our customers is they are too! We're always amazed at what people say when talking about data. For instance, here are a couple of comments overheard just the other day.

  • “I prefer left joins.”
  • “We have multi-tenancy!!!!”
  • “Well, just how dirty is your data…”
  • “He said big data but it was just 2 gig.”
  • “It's only a bar chart but it's my data and it's beautiful.”

With the launch of Tableau 7.0 we decided that we wanted to do a tribute to data geeks worldwide. We put together a video, a tribute if you will, to the things that data geeks say that catch our attention.

Check out the YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykIwd_gcls

I'm betting you have your own favorite lines. If so, we want to hear about them!

  • Twitter: Tweet us @Tableau with what you heard - be sure and include the tag #StuffDataGeeksSay
  • Facebook: If your quote is longer than 140 characters, then post it on our face book here
  • Blog: Post your quote below in the blog comments

Over the next 48 hours, we'll pick the best quotes (think re-tweets, comments, etc.) and we will send those folks a Tableau t-shirt.

Be sure and check out the Tweets so far. We'll also post occasional round-ups here on our blog.

Next week we'll do another short video using the best quotes amassed from you!

So start thinking about #StuffDataGeeksSay and send it to us!


Submitted by Jerry W. on

So I discretely popped one of those blue pills, maxed out the size shelf and explored my favorite filled area chart.

Submitted by Andy L. (not verified) on

"It depends on what your definition of 'a week' is."

Submitted by Jonah-Kai H. on

We will record the week of Jan 23rd and post for everyone to enjoy!

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

“You’re taking a data dump?”

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

"Data analysis is like being an offensive lineman in football. No one appreciates you until you do something wrong."

Submitted by Rich Murnane (not verified) on

My Data's got the moves like Jagger...


Submitted by Rich Murnane (not verified) on

Some other good ones I posted a few months ago:

The Most Interesting DataGeek in the World...

He once had some bad data in his database, just to see how it feels... #MostInterestingDataGeek #DataQuality

He once punched his #DBA in the nose, and the DBA apologized... #MostInterestingDataGeek

His data tells him when something is wrong, and also apologizes... #MostInterestingDataGeek #DataQuality

His data smells like cologne... #MostInterestingDataGeek

If he were to send an email without recipients, it would still go to the right people... #MostInterestingDataGeek

He's been known to cure #DataGovernance politics, just by walking into the room... #MostInterestingDataGeek

His organ donation card also includes his #SQL skills... #MostInterestingDataGeek

He can speak #Oracle, in #DB2... #MostInterestingDataGeek

His data is expanding faster than the universe... #MostInterestingDataGeek

His indexes ask him if they should perform faster... #MostInterestingDataGeek

His thoughts on #MySQL... "No"... #MostInterestingDataGeek

He'll talk about data to senior executives and they will ask for an encore... #MostInterestingDataGeek

He is, the most interesting data geek in the world... #MostInterestingDataGeek

He doesn't always make data cry out in happiness, but when he does, he does it at the keyboard... #MostInterestingDataGeek


Submitted by Elissa F. on

Good ones, Jerry, Andy, Andrew and Matt.

Great quantity and quality, Rich.

Submitted by Dig D (not verified) on

It figures, that if there is artificial intellignece, then there has to be artificial stupidity...

Submitted by Chris G. on

All BI is local.

Submitted by Chris G. on

Data insights != SQL
SQL? We don't need no stinking SQL!

Submitted by Chris G. on

They told me it was bad data. I knew it was just misunderstood.

Submitted by Chris G. on

So the Big BI guy says to me: "You can't get anywhere until you build your ODS, ETL, EDW, SL, and DVL. It'll take 5 months."
He was wrong.

Submitted by Chris G. on

All data is true.

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