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Get on the Fast Track with Tableau: a Starter Guide for Sales Ops

Getting up and running with a new sales analytics platform doesn’t have to be painful. Use this guide to find essential go-to resources to help you maximize your Tableau experience. You’ll discover...

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Tableau Advances the Era of Smart Analytics

Constellation Research is a Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm specializing in digital transformation and disruptive technologies. In this recent report, author Doug Henschen...

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Customer Speaker: Data Analytics for Urban Planning

URA has been harnessing data and analytics to enable more data-informed urban planning and deliver better planning outcomes. Hear about how URA has applied insights from data analytics for planning,...

Keynote: Developing Data Science Capabilities within the Public Sector

As a Capability Centre for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI), GovTech's mission is to train public service officers to use data analytics and data science in policy formulation, service...

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Why IT Professionals Choose Tableau for Modern BI and Analytics

A growing demand for data means an increasingly competitive business intelligence and analytics market. Modern, self-service analytics introduced new, user-friendly visual analysis capabilities—but...

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6 Myths of Moving from Traditional to Modern BI

In spite of the promises of modern BI, some organizations are hesitant to make a move away from their traditional platforms. To help dispel common fears and bring modern analytics to your...

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Tableau Products and the General Data Protection Regulation

This white paper discusses considerations of which Tableau users subject to the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) need to be aware if you are using Tableau products to...

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Marketing Dashboards: The Do's & Don'ts

Analytics dashboards are a critical resource for marketing teams that help support their roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making in their daily routines....

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Enabling Governed Data Access with Tableau Data Server

Tableau Server is a modern, self-service analytics platform with many built-in features to promote security, governance, data exploration, and collaboration. Data Server, which is part of Tableau...

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10 ways to add value to your dashboards with maps

The most effective data visualizations balance function and design. And because many analytics projects involve spatial data, it is critical to know how to strike this balance with maps. In this...