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  • Public Sector
Government Summit 2020 On-Demand

Watch every Government Summit session on-demand here

We are facing an unprecedented public health crisis and government organizations at all levels are on the front lines trying to...

  • Public Sector
Lovelytics - Workforce Planning Analytics: Identifying Employees at Risk

This outbreak has dramatically changed the way we work. Organizations everywhere are doing what they can to avoid the virus from spreading among their employees. In response, HR teams are quickly...

58 分鐘
Service Line Reactivation: Patient Care During the Pandemic

As the curve begins to flatten in many places, reactivating services, safely, is becoming one of the most critical tasks for health systems. To help healthcare organizations during this time,...

30 分鐘
How Data Storytelling is helping employees get back to work safely during COVID-19

With the rise of Coronavirus and rapidly changing circumstances, it is increasingly more important for companies to stay informed and adopt new processes to keep their employees safe. Tableau and...

30 分鐘
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
Combining Data in Charts

Watch the third webinar of our webinar series: The Stockroom - a guided experience of Tableau's free eLearning for the Retail & Consumer Goods industry.

This session provides an...

59 分鐘
  • Healthcare
Leading Through Change With Visual Analytics: Rapid Recovery + Resiliency in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Visual analytics is critical as you plan and prepare your healthcare or life sciences organization for rapid recovery and resiliency. See examples of how you can analyze HR, supply chain, and R...

57 分鐘
  • Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Retail & Wholesale
Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 in Retail and Consumer Goods

The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in widespread uncertainty for all retailers. Now more than ever, adopting a data-driven response to the crisis can help your organisation mitigate the impact....

46 分鐘
How to create and grow your Tableau community

The Tableau community is all about connecting users within your company and to generate enthusiasm among a group of people founded on the cause of putting data at the center of every conversation...

51 分鐘
Creating Habits with Analytics Best Practices

Maximizing analytics investments and capitalizing on the transformative potential of data means it is important for all users to understand what “great” looks like and have a common reference on...

51 分鐘
Viz Responsibly: How Tableau Is Helping Customers Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

The change brought about by COVID-19 continues to evolve. Government organizations are altering how and where people do their work to keep employees safe. Operating models are also being revised...

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