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Tableau 進階學習課程 – 台灣

Tableau 的靈魂內容都是使資料分析變得快速,簡單,美觀,最重要的是有用。

在這次 Tableau 線上進階學習課程,我們將透過實機操作,向您展示如何更深入地了解您的資料,協助您提升您的分析技能。


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Tableau 視覺化分析 - 新型冠狀病毒疫情資料趨勢 - 台灣

Tableau 的使命是幫助人們看見資料、理解資料。

新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 疫情讓企業面臨前所未有的挑戰。面對疫情,我們如何透過視覺化分析迅速採取行動,並自信地做出資料導向的決策?

您現在可以線上觀看「Tableau 視覺化分析 - 新型冠狀病毒疫情資料趨勢」研討會,和我們一起深入探索如何透過視覺化分析,...

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Tableau 2020.1 功能亮點

Tableau 最新版本隆重推出!Tableau 2020.1 以令人期待的全新方法對資料加入強大的互動性和故事講述,提供 Tableau 社群最引頸期盼的部分功能。

在這次網路研討會中,Tableau 顧問將會為您介紹 2020.1 的重點功能:




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Tableau 2019.3 概述

Tableau 2019.3 現已閃亮登場,而數據分析的未來也由此開啟。此版本引入了多項重大更新,例如 AI 技術驅動的全新 “資料詮釋” 功能、匯集了數據管理方面各項改進的 Tableau Catalog、Server 管理方面的增強功能。得益於此,您和您的組織與數據交互的方式也將快速變化。歡迎參加我們舉辦的這場實時網絡講座,Tableau...

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My Tableau Story with Visionary Lindsay Betzendahl

The My Tableau Story series showcases the evolving and inspiring experiences of Tableau Community leaders. In Episode 4, we feature Community leader and Tableau Visionary, Lindsay Betzendahl. ...

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Unlock Data to Revolutionize Your Contact Center & Customer Experience Success

Siloed data sets, industry regulations, and complex, legacy systems have made it incredibly difficult for financial institutions and insurance companies to deliver seamless and personalized...

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Tableau DataFest in partnership with MIP

Operate at Greater Scale with Tableau Server Management

MIP and Tableau – bringing DataFest to you

Building off the buzz of Tableau Conference, we're excited to co-host Tableau...

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Support All Learners with Data


-Demonstration of DEI dashboards in Tableau


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Introductory Hands-On Tableau Workshop for State and Local Government

This workshop will provide basic hands-on exposure to Tableau Desktop and its visualization-building, data analysis and dashboarding features. It is appropriate for users who are new to Tableau or...

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Personalizing User Experience with Embedded Analytics

Papaya Global is serious about BI. This unicorn startup focuses on global payroll solutions, recently valued at $3.7 billion, and launched Tableau in 2020 to drive a better user experience to...

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