DataFam Speaks: Pahola Diaz

The DataFam Speaks series highlights our amazing Tableau community members. Watch the video to learn more about Tableau Forums Ambassador Pahola Diaz.

In Pahola's role as a consultant, she has developed skills in various components of Tableau, Alteryx, and DataRobot. The more she learns the more she enjoys what she does. She loves solving complex challenges and delivering clean, engaging visualizations. The community forums encourage her to search deeply into other topics that are normally out of her scope, and she hopes to continue contributing and expanding her Tableau knowledge as a Forums Ambassador. Pahola is keenly focused on our Spanish-speaking users, and also blogs about Tableau.

DataFam inspiration

Pahola shares two of her inspirations from the Tableau community:

  • Tableau Zen Master Master Andy Kriebel. Follow him on Twitter and check out his blog
  • Tableau Zen Master and Public Ambassador Kevin Flerlage. Follow him on Twitter and check out his blog—co-written with his twin brother Ken Flerlage. 

Get connected 

Follow along with Pahola’s data journey:

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