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What is Generation Data?

At Tableau, we feel data skills are essential for the next generation of workers and business leaders. Tableau’s Academic Program seeks to arm students with the valuable analytical skills needed to help them make data-driven decisions, both academically and professionally.

What began as a blog post, the Generation Data series is now a community of student Tableau users. Learn from students like you on how they learned Tableau and found new opportunities because of their data skills.

Cultivating the Generation Data community

Students get access to Tableau for free. We interview those who want to share their data journey with us.

We learned students are using Tableau for jobs, internships, and personal passion projects.

The community keeps growing with students sharing how they learned Tableau. Add your unique story today.

Students share their data journey

Billy Wang, Tsinghua University

Graduate student Billy discusses how he changed his career path towards data science after learning Tableau.

Tejal Narkar, University of Texas - Dallas

Learn how Tejal landed an internship at ESPN on the Human Resources team while pursuing her Masters degree.

Matt Farkas, Northwestern University

Hear how Matt landed his dream internship at Spotify by finding harmony with data and music.

Adhi Rajaprabhakaran, Michigan State University

Economics major Adhi learned Tableau by self-teaching then landed an internship at Zillow.

Tarnejah Rolfe, Howard University

Q&A: From the first cohort of Millennials and Data to securing a full-time role after undergrad.

Timothy Kim, University of Washington

See why visual analytics is so exciting, and follow in Timothy’s footsteps to learn Tableau.

Buchi Okafor, Miami University

Read how student-athlete Buchi transitioned from Finance Intern to Global Pricing Analyst at Under Armour.

Matt Atherton, Northeastern University

Without ever taking a formal class, Matt learned Tableau and landed a role at Alaska Airlines.

Ever wonder what it's like to work at Tableau? Hear from our interns below.

Kelly Nesenblatt

Role: Marketing Intern, Academic Programs
Why Tableau? I saw firsthand the difference that Tableau makes in the education system. Tableau was not part of my college curriculum at first, but one professor saw how it would help students who didn't understand other platforms. I never considered myself to be “analytical” or “data-focused,” but after learning Tableau, something clicked. After hosting workshops and tutoring sessions, Tableau was officially added to over five courses. From then on, I had a new perspective of what my career path would look like and became a Tableau evangelist.

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Fronrich Puno

Role: Solution Engineer Intern, SMB

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Helping people save time and effort! Hours spent on compiling spreadsheets, writing queries, building dashboards, and publishing reports can now be spent on date nights, dog walks, and other simple pleasures which are often overshadowed by work.

Why Tableau? It wasn’t until I started my internship that the more profound reason behind “why Tableau” struck me. Like music, data is just another storytelling tool. I had this random “shower thought” that if you were to play every beautiful sound at once, the resulting sound would be really ugly. That's because the thing that distinguishes music from noise is form; temporal and spatial distinction between sounds. That's what Tableau does; it takes numbers and gives them form, which helps data be truly beautiful.

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Eliza Baldini

Role: Solution Engineer Intern, Healthcare/Life Sciences and Retail/Consumer Goods

Tell us about your role at Tableau: To help me gain the skills to lead customer calls, I do a lot of product training, shadowing, weekly data demo challenges, and mock calls . I’m currently focusing on my capstone project, which combines two of my primary interests: data and art. I am learning so much from having such hands-on experience!

Why Tableau? As a marketing and business analytics student, I have always loved the combination of data analysis and creativity. I was drawn to Tableau because it is the perfect tool to prepare and analyze data, and then display it in innovative and creative ways, that best fit your intended audience.

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Andrew Caietti

Role: Solution Engineer Intern, Healthcare/Life Sciences and Retail/Consumer Goods

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being part of #DataFam has been the highlight of my internship. I have felt nothing but support from my team and their genuine kindness has made my experience such a positive one. From my managers and mentors to the interns I've met, the community is what has made this summer so rewarding!

Why Tableau? Tableau lives and breathes its mission statement. The company's focus on doing good with data and enabling others to succeed is what makes me proud of the work I do.

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Jereme Johnson

Role: Sales Representative Intern, Sales Development

Tell us about your role: I manage a call down list, follow up on leads, assist colleagues on their projects, shadow calls to clients, and network within the Tableau Community.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? It feels extraordinary to be part of the #DataFam, since I know how important functional data is in everyday activities. I love that we supply business owners with knowledge that will aid them for the rest of their lives!

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Renee Knepper

Role: Sales Support Representative Intern, Sales Operations

Why Tableau? Tableau has stood out to me for years. I first came across a Tableau dashboard on an economic development index; I was in awe with how easy it was to use and the amount of information I obtained in a short amount of time. A few months later, I interned at a non-profit working on malaria eradication and discovered both the incredible impact of data, but also the very present need for data literacy. As a student of both Economics and Global Development, I understand that data can, on a macro and micro level, literally transform lives. Tableau's commitment to people, scientific best practices, and enabling others from all over the world and in all fields of work to fully mobilize their data is why I love and choose Tableau.

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Betty Zhou

Role: Curriculum Development Intern, Global Services

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? I'm so incredibly blessed to be part of the #DataFam. A phrase that someone used to describe the company culture at Tableau was "humble smart,” and this holds true with every single person that I have met. Everyone is so curious and inclined to learn from each other, as well as provide support or advice to each other.

Why Tableau? Data visualization can drive so much understanding, learning, and problem-solving during a time where there’s an overwhelming amount of information.

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Nate Canny

Role: Project Management Intern, Customer Solutions

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I assist in various projects in Tech Support. I work to analyze and create different opportunities within the Customer Solutions department, and am learning how to smooth out any issues and capitalize on those opportunities.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? The #DataFam means that I am surrounded by people who care about Data and people who are working to increase their impact within the company. The people at Tableau are authentic, genuine and hardworking, and the #DataFam is a great group of people to have in my corner!

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Rob Schaller

Role: Escalations Program Management MBA Intern, Global Tech Support Programs and Operations

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I am currently working on integrating Einstein Analytics’ Customer Sentiment Tool into our tech support case workflow. We hope to further delight our customers by using Einstein’s built in AI sentiment tool to identify and resolve any customer frustrations and pain points as early in the case life cycle as possible.

Why Tableau? Tableau helps people see and understand data, and in my previous role in public education, I experienced what that really means firsthand. Tableau allowed us to extend a data culture to an operations team that spanned from custodians to the C-suite. This empowered our people to drive efficiencies in the business forward and to demonstrate their value and contributions across the organization.

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Henry Knox

Role: Project Management Intern, Customer Solutions

Tell us about your role at Tableau: In the Customer Solutions Programs team, I work to connect developers and end-customers by providing a conduit, which shares information about issues that may prevent customers from using Tableau to its fullest extent.

Why Tableau? I have analyzed tons of data in my astronomy classes, and have spent years asking difficult questions to incredibly smart individuals. The Tableau product creates a similar environment where the user may independently discover and answer questions. Ultimately, Tableau enables everyone to act on their nerdy/geeky impulses, and use valuable data to research and ask questions. It makes it much easier for people around the globe to gain deeper insight into complex subjects.

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Kristoph Ty

Role: Data Analyst Intern, Customer Success Programs and Operations

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I provide support on the programs and operations side of Customer Success. The Customer Success team is focused on helping customers maximize adoption and value out of using Tableau products by guiding their journey toward becoming a more data-driven organization. If you’ve ever seen the show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” the protagonist is known as “the bridge between the spirit world and physical world” and in a similar way, I see Customer Success as the bridge between the business and our customers because we’re dedicated to connecting customer data and inputs with actions on the business end.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? The love for exploring and visualizing data as both an art and a science is what I believe the #DataFam community is built on, and being a part of #DataFam means enabling others to harness the power of data.

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Olivia Holton

Role: Customer Solutions Intern, CSG Product Managment

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being part of the #DataFam means being part of a company or an individual's mission to make sweeping changes in how they can make their data work for them. When I worked with a start-up to implement more analytics practices in their business, I saw the massive impact gained from truly understanding your data. Not only this, but Tableau does it in such an intuitive and beautiful way!

Why Tableau? Everyone at Tableau is authentic in their mission to help you succeed in your goals to become more data-driven, and they do it in a way that adapts to each person's unique journey with data.

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Melia Dudgeon

Role: Data Analyst Intern, Global Services (TOPA)

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being part of the #DataFam means being transparent, innovative, and always eager to hear input or new ideas! At Tableau, every person I have connected with represents those three main values. It is truly inspiring.

Why Tableau? As a Business Analyst major, I sought opportunities to learn Tableau and integrate it into my academic career. After diving deep into the product, I saw that Tableau makes it much easier to prep/clean, analyze, and discover meaningful insights in much less time than a lot of other programs!

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Vishal Ramana

Role: Education Program Management Intern, Global Services: Certification

Tell us about your role at Tableau: Our small, but mighty team is responsible for managing the certifications of our customer base and working with vendors to engage our community through certification exams. Tableau Certification is really important to our users: Being certified not only demonstrates one’s analytical skills, but it also allows individuals to stand out when pursuing job opportunities, which is especially crucial now. Learn more about how you can get certified here.

Why Tableau? Tableau is no doubt an industry leader in visual analytics--and for the right reasons, too. As a Statistics & Data Science major, I really appreciate the power of Tableau and how useful it is when it comes to understanding and asking the right questions behind data.

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Andrew Johnson

Role: Digital Marketing Intern, Digital Media

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I have had the chance to help create, pace, and optimize digital campaigns! It has been amazing to be trusted with big projects and not just be doing busy work. I love spreading the word about such an amazing product.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? I feel very lucky to be a part of the #DataFam. Even joining virtually, I can tell that the culture is very special. It is also incredible that everyone is proficient in the product and loves using it. Every company should strive to be like Tableau!

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Kelly Nesenblatt

Role: Marketing Intern, Academic Programs

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I support any campaigns, outreach initiatives, or programs that encourage students and instructors to become data literate. My team does meaningful work in helping the future generation learn how to sharpen their analytical skills, while inspiring creativity.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being a part of the #DataFam means transparency, honesty, and accountability. Be transparent with your goals and how it benefits Tableau's mission. Be honest about your intentions and how you approach your work. Be accountable for your personal and collective success while still recognizing opportunities for growth.

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Kimberly Chan

Role: Internal Communications and Events Intern, Internal Communications

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? The word “aberrant” is defined as “diverging from the accepted standard.” At Tableau, the #DataFam strives to be aberrant: Everyone encourages one another to think outside of the box and become all they desire to be. I’m grateful to work with passionate people who continuously challenge the status quo and enable me to grow, so that we can all achieve more with data.

Why Tableau? Everyone in the Tableau Community is drawn together by one thread--to help people see and understand data, so that they spend their best time on the things that matter most.

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Natalie Sadjo

Role: Growth Marketing Intern, Global Field Marketing

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? The #DataFam is a supportive community of data geeks among whom I feel very at home. Both the people and work at Tableau bring me joy and inspiration, which is why I was so eager to return this summer.

Why Tableau? The culture! The people! The product!

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Jack Fitton

Role: Competitive Intelligence Intern, Analyst Relations

Tell us about your role at Tableau: Our team interacts with industry experts to both give and receive guidance surrounding new launches, our competitors, and the overall market. I help my team stay on top of it all by taking notes in meetings, sending out summaries of analysts reports, and aiding preparations for the ever-important Gartner Magic Quadrant.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? I'm honored! It's so incredibly clear how strong this culture and community is, not just within our teams but with the customers as well. People love this product, and it's not hard to see why. I'm excited for the future!

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Joyce Lee

Role: Digital Marketing Intern, Global Digital Media

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being part of the #DataFam means being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are supportive, humble, and impactful in everything they do. Everyone that I've encountered has been so welcoming and eager to help. I feel so grateful to work with such amazing people everyday!

Why Tableau? As a visual learner, I've always admired Tableau for helping people see and understand their data. I'm also very passionate about social impact—so when I learned about Tableau Foundation and how they're using data to solve real world problems, I knew this was the perfect place for me.

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Gonzalo Villacorta

Role: Marketing Intern, Customer Engagement

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being part of the #DataFam is very unique. The values that are stated on the company website are true to their word here at Tableau. I can interact with like-minded individuals and have a home away from home here at work.

Why Tableau? Here at Tableau, the strive for innovation and curiosity is non-stop—providing me opportunities to learn from others and understand their data journeys. This freedom, productivity, and support creates new ways for the Tableau experience to get better and better.

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Alex Herrera

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Portable Sessions

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? I'm grateful to be a part of a team that's super supportive. It's inspiring to be around such motivated people.

Why Tableau? Because Tableau employees care about their product and, more importantly, its impact on the world.

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Natesh Kukreja

Role: Software Engineer Intern, VizQL Server

Tell us about your role at Tableau: My role as an intern is to create fixes for bugs, work on proof of concept ideas for the team, and continue to develop on top of the existing product.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? To me, being part of the #DataFam means collaboration, teamwork and community. People I've never met before will take time out of their day to help me with a build issue, a bug I can't figure out, or even explain how something within the product works. Honestly, it's amazing.

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Kavi Ravuri

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Server Cloud

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I have the opportunity to develop new features and solve real-time problems that our customers report to us. In particular, I am tackling a project focused on ensuring that Tableau Server is performant and functional on various hardened Linux systems.

Why Tableau? Everyone knows that Tableau is a leader in the BI world, so the opportunity to work on such a revolutionary product is exciting. Tableau values its people and ensures that the environment they work in provides contentment and growth.

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Omar Dadabhoy

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Data Management

Tell us about your role at Tableau: My role involves building and improving Tableau Prep to make it more efficient and meet our customers' needs. I spend a lot of time debugging and tinkering with the code that makes up Tableau Prep, in order to make it the best it can be.

Why Tableau? Tableau has grown a lot since its inception, and with Business Intelligence becoming more dominant in the market, Tableau has so much opportunity to expand and share its services with new consumers.

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Marlo Abramowitz

Role: Product Management MBA Intern, Platform & Infrastructure

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being a part of the #DataFam means being personally invested in Tableau and all that it does internally and externally. As a part of the #DataFam, I identify with, believe in, and am dedicated to advancing our simple, yet powerful mission of helping people see and understand data.

Why Tableau? I first used Tableau during workshops and courses within my MBA program—from the beginning, the product amazed me. I’m so happy to have the chance to work on a product that makes such a lasting impact on people’s lives, by making data analysis easy and beautiful.

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Smruti Shah

Role: Software Engineer Intern, EDPA - Telementry

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? In one word, being a part of our #DataFam is awesome.

Why Tableau? Everyone working at Tableau is super supportive, motivated, and always willing to help others! This makes for a pretty amazing workplace culture and a plethora of growth opportunities.

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Libby Knell

Role: Product Management Intern, Data Management

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I am driving the roadmap definition of a top 10 customer-requested feature for Tableau Prep. My day-to-day varies quite a bit, but mostly my time is split between talking to customers and ensuring cross-functional coordination between developers, testers, designers, and management.

Why Tableau? THE PEOPLE! Although it sounds extremely cliché, every single person I have talked to — from my fellow interns to leadership to our customers — is so genuine and passionate about the Tableau mission and values.

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Jaehun Song

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Governance Services

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam?: It is so cool how much positive support and community spirit exists for Tableau, and the social good that the Tableau product enables organizations and companies is incredible to see. It's been really exciting to be able to work on a product that has so much impact.

Why Tableau? I love the fact that I can help build a product that enables people to understand their data and empower them to make smart decisions--and that I can do it alongside such smart, talented, and generous colleagues.

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Vasanthi Neelagiri

Role: Product Management MBA Intern, Connectivity

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I am a Product Manager in the Connectivity team. This summer I am working on improving both customer experience for SDK Connector users, and Process Flow & GTM for an internal product publishing connector metadata. All of my projects are exciting, intellectually stimulating, and gratifying.

Why Tableau? I feel delighted to be working on a product that revolutionized the way people interpret data. Also, I love the honest, collaborative and inclusive culture at Tableau. Tableau provides me with the best learning track and opportunities for my skills to shine. Couldn't have asked for a better company.

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Anne Pham

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Phoenix Mobile

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? It means so much to be part of such a caring and supportive company. I'm extremely grateful that Tableau has given me the opportunity to grow as a developer and as an aspiring individual.

Why Tableau? I love that there is so much that can be done and achieved with a simple data visualization. Data is extremely powerful and to work on a product that's able to take advantage of that is so exciting.

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Yuwen Li

Role: UX Designer, Data Management

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I am working on improving the new user experience of Tableau Prep. It's challenging, but exciting since I used to be a new user myself! I learn so much fascinating information about tool design and data visualization everyday.

Why Tableau? I label myself as a UX designer that continuously shapes the right tool for people, and I believe in the power of using a tool to extend one's ability and improve one's work & life. Tableau is definitely a product that empowers people, and I’m happy to be part of the empowerment they fuel. My team is so welcoming and quickly made me feel part of the family.

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Shane Labelle

Role: Software Engineer Intern, Data Modelling UI

Tell us about your role at Tableau: I got into Software Engineering after studying Astrophysics in undergrad and then working as a professional photographer and director. Software Engineering married my two passions of technical physics with the more creative side of photography and directing. I have been working on hybridizing the Union Dialog by creating a single implementation that can be used for both desktop and server. This project has given me the opportunity to expand my skills as a developer, and venture into unknown territory.

Why Tableau? Companies like Tableau are leading the world into a new era of company culture, and doing so with a family attitude and data-driven decisions. I hope whatever secret sauce in Tableau’s kitchen stays for many years to come. Now, when people ask me "Why Tableau?" I can honestly say "Because I don't believe a better company exists".

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Sophia Sevier

Role: Software Developer Intern, Tower

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? Being a part of the #DataFam means you are always welcomed and accepted for who you are. It also means you will be encouraged and challenged to reach your full potential. Everyone is working towards the common goal of making data accessible and beautiful; it's a great community to be a part of.

Why Tableau? The Tableau product is a beautiful way to circumvent many challenges when it comes to understanding your data. After I became interested in the product, I started learning more about the company’s values and the Tableau Foundation—and I knew it was the place for me.

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Lanni Barrie

Role: Tax Intern, Tax

Tell us about your role at Tableau: Whether I am filling out a report for the U.S. Census Bureau or allocating the Washington Use Tax, I work with entities from the international to city level. As a Finance major, I enjoy learning from and engaging in the process of how financial systems work.

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? The #DataFam promotes diversity, inclusion, and being your true self.

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Joanna Mrsich

Role: Legal Intern, Corporate Counsel

What does it mean to you, to be part of our #DataFam? It means being a part of an innovative movement that radicalizes how people view and use data. The power of data is incredible and it feels incredible to be a part of a company that works rigorously to make that power accessible to the consumer.

Why Tableau? I love Tableau because they are a company that actually uses and believes in their product. They are a leader and trendsetter for how all companies should work to make data accessible to anyone and everyone. Tableau is constantly looking for ways to improve and creates a work culture that is supportive and productive.

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