Announcing Hyper with Tableau 10.5 beta

Update: Tableau 10.5 is here! Download it now to try out the features outlined below, including our blazingly fast new data engine technology Hyper.

Say hello to Hyper. You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the demo. And today, it’s ready for you to try out in Tableau 10.5 beta. Our Hyper technology (patent pending) brings faster data refreshes and query performance to Tableau extracts, plus increased scalability in a platform-wide update.

But that’s not all. Tableau 10.5 also brings you viz in tooltip, allowing you to add visualizations to tooltips for better context. Plus, take charge of your content with flexible project control and improved workbook version compatibility. You can also rename workbooks, so everyone finds the analytics they need.

Share and collaborate on findings more easily with subscription messages and the ability to subscribe users in groups. And last but not least, IT administrators can more efficiently deploy Tableau Desktop at scale with automated Tableau Desktop license activation.

Download Tableau 10.5 beta.
Your input drives our product innovation—we’re excited to get your feedback!

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features:

Extracts and performance at Hyper speed

With Hyper now powering Tableau, you’ll see faster extract creation and better query performance for large data sets.

We’ve supercharged extract creation by eliminating almost all post-processing after data ingest. And since Hyper is designed to handle exceptionally large data sets, you can choose to extract your data based on what you need, not data volume limitations. Bottom line: Extract more data, faster.

When you’re analyzing data, staying in the flow is important. In other words, you need fast query performance to keep up with you and your questions. With Hyper, we’ve improved performance for common computationally-intensive queries, like count distinct, calculated fields, and text field manipulations. And as data volumes grow, Tableau keeps up without breaking a sweat, meaning you get answers to the most complex, data-hungry questions you can think of.

Organizationally, Hyper helps you scale widely-used extracts for broad, concurrent use. Hyper improves transaction throughput by better leveraging your hardware. So, during peak usage times, like end of quarter sales bookings, your Tableau deployment better handles Tableau Server workload spikes.

Get the full picture with viz in tooltip

Add important information to your viz, and maximize screen real estate, with viz in tooltip. Highlight trends over time, provide a different level of detail—even include multiple vizzes—in just one tooltip.

In the tooltip editor, select the sheet you want to embed from the Insert menu. You can also customize the size and filter actions for your viz in tooltip.

Fine tune your content management

Enjoy more options when organizing your content on Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Better project control allows you to nest and organize projects at will, and customize permissions for each level.

One of the most requested features from the Ideas forum has arrived: the ability to rename workbooks on Tableau Server. Previously, you had to download a workbook, rename it, republish, and then delete the old version to accomplish this task. Now, the same process is done with a click, right in the browser. And, bonus: All subscriptions, alerts, usage stats, favorites, and more remain intact.

Don’t worry if others are using a different version of Tableau in your organization. You can revert workbooks to older versions with improved workbook version compatibility.

Simply select Export as Version to downgrade workbooks (version 10.2 or higher).

Bring more context to your subscriptions

Have you ever wanted to add more detail, or an action item, to a subscription email? Now, you can include summaries and call outs to specific data in subscription messages. Add text to any subscription email you create for yourself or subscribe others to, and easily update the message whenever you want.

Additionally, involve a larger number of users with a click, with the ability to subscribe groups. Instead of adding users individually, search for and add groups on the fly. Adding a group doesn’t eliminate the control you have—you can still remove or change permission settings at the user level.

Deploy Tableau at scale

Save yourself a step during Tableau Desktop installation, and make larger-scale deployments smoother with automated desktop license activation. Simply run the new command line parameter and specify a license key.

For you Linux users out there: Tableau Server on Linux is also in beta. Use Tableau on the operating system that fits your infrastructure best. Download and test the latest today.

Keep up with the latest and greatest

Visit the Coming Soon page to see all features planned for Tableau 10.5. We’ll update the site throughout the beta period with more info and deep dive videos.

We are working hard to get Tableau 10.5 out the door, but first we need your input! We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues and ensure great new features. The features included in beta and in the final version of Tableau 10.5 may change over time as we complete beta testing.

More news! We recently launched a new Pre-Release website to foster greater collaboration between customers and the Tableau Development team throughout the product development lifecycle. Tableau Pre-Release programs let you evaluate, experience, and provide feedback on emerging ideas and new product capabilities.

Join the Tableau Pre-Release community to:

  • Participate in alpha and beta programs for early access to new features, versions, and products.
  • Engage directly with the Tableau Dev team through user research, product discussions, and feedback activities designed to get input on topics you care about.

Every release, we include features that the community asks for, and 10.5 is no exception. Visit the Ideas forum to see which ones have been incorporated based on your feedback. And be sure to continue adding feature requests to inspire our development team. We couldn’t do it without you.

Not all functionality described above is available in the beta program today. Some features will be added in the coming weeks. The beta program is available for existing Tableau customers. Customers with an active maintenance license can upgrade for free when Tableau 10.5 is released.