Time to celebrate our new Tableau Ambassadors!

Every six months, we look for enthusiastic, community-oriented people to induct as Tableau Ambassadors. And this July was no different.

We have nine new Tableau Ambassadors, three within each branch: the community forums, social media, and user groups.

These are people who have responded to hundreds of community-forum posts and solved other’s problems.

They've actively engaged with the Tableau community on social media, helping foster conversations as thought leaders.

They’ve hosted user groups in their areas and have warmly welcomed new and old Tableau users alike.

In short, the Tableau Ambassadors are role models. They embody the best of the Tableau community.

It is my great honor to introduce to you our newest Tableau Ambassadors.

Community Ambassadors

Derrick Austin

Favorite Viz:
Heat map

JavaScript API, WDC, LOD Expressions

Shinichiro Murakami

Favorite Viz:
A well-thought out combined chart

Tableau calculations, Excel formulas in Tableau

Yuri Fal

Favorite Viz:
Distributions vizzes (scatter, strip, and box plots)

Photosynthetic bacteria! But really, simplifying workbooks and calculations as much as possible.

Social Media Ambassadors

Adam Crahen (@acrahen)

Favorite Viz:
Slope graph or trellis

Striving to create beautiful and functional visualizations.

David Pires (@davidmpires)

Favorite Viz:
Exploratory fun

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Fi Gordon (@VizChic)

Favorite Viz:
Bar chart

"I'm all about empowering people to get to insight faster."

User Group Ambassadors

Brittany Fong
Washington, DC User Group leader

Favorite Viz:
Tile map and bullet graphs

Visual analytics/appeal, table calcs, parameters, gymnastics, photography, cars, motorcycles

Patrick McCormick
Madison, Wisconsin User Group leader

Favorite Viz:
Tile box-and-whisker plot

Solution architecture & server admin

PJ Hoke
Austin & Dallas/Fort Worth User Group leader

Favorite Viz:
Scatter plots

Strategic implementations

To see a full list of all the Tableau Ambassadors, click here.