Check Out These Visual Analytics Features in Tableau 9.1

Tableau 9.1 lets you ask and answer more explicit questions of your data. Take advantage of these visual analytics features to dig deeper.

Measure Distance with Radial Selection Tool

You can use the Radial tool, which was new for Tableau 9.0, to measure approximate distances between your data and the locations or landmarks in a map view. Simply zoom in on an area or landmark, select the Radial tool on the View toolbar, then click and drag across the view to see the distance.

The distance value will display at zoom level 8 and higher. And the units displayed (miles or kilometers) will depend on your workbook locale. If your workbook locale is set to a country that uses the Imperial system, for example, the Radial tool will measure the distance in feet and miles.

Updated Drag and Drop Analytics

Now you can drag median lines with confidence bands directly from the Analytics pane into the view. You can drag a median line for a specific measure or all measures.

You can format and modify your median lines, the average lines, and confidence bands by clicking on the line.

Bin Size Optimization

When you create histograms, Tableau 9.1 will automatically calculate the optimal number of bins for your data. In previous versions, Tableau defaulted to 10 bins. In Tableau 9.1, when you use the Show Me option to generate a histogram, Tableau will use a new binning algorithm to size bins. Histograms will include all bins on a continuous axis, including bins with no data.

If you create bins from a field by using the Create Bins dialog box, Tableau will automatically populate the values in the dialog box using the new binning algorithm. If your data source is too large for Tableau to determine the optimal bin size when the dialog box opens, Tableau will populate the values in the dialog box with a standard 10-bin sizing, and the Suggest Bin Size button will be available.

Tableau can help you tackle your next advanced analytics projects. For full details, check out our previous blog post.