We Interviewed Seagate, and This is What We Learned About Zettabytes & the Future

Whether you have a few digital photo albums or a massive data warehouse—or both—Seagate can help you store your digital data. A leader in the data storage industry, Seagate works with massive amounts of information every day.

Says Project Manager Gina Tarammasso, "we talk in terms of terabytes—and in the not-so-distant future we're going to be shipping zettabytes of storage." And how are they able to keep innovating in this space? Well, we recently visited them in California to find out.

“Seagate’s culture of innovation is all around bringing inventions that have never existed before,” John Ostdiek, Seagate's VP of Sales Operations, told us. "Not only are we working on just the technology, but (also) innovation in supply chain, innovation in demand and supply planning processes, innovation in business processes, we’re really trying to make the most efficient business that we can."

Seagate implemented Tableau to help them further advance:

  • the speed at which they can answer questions,
  • ease of communication across multiple lines of business, and
  • their ability to make speedy, informed decisions.

Meeting with Seagate employees in their own office was a thrilling experience. And as they envision the future—zettabytes and all!—we hope you take a moment to check out their data story.