Workforce Development

Helping non-profit training programs teach data and Tableau skills

Data skills for everyone

With Tableau, anyone can quickly and easily connect to all their data and visualize it by dragging and dropping—no scripting required. The ability to analyze data to make better business decisions continues to be an in-demand skill that companies look for. Tableau's Workplace Development Program seeks to fill this skills gap by making data analytics accessible to a larger audience.

To qualify, a non-profit must:

  • Be officially recognized as a 501(c)3 organization or equivalent in country of incorporation
  • Have defined courses and teaching program, including pre-recruited qualified instructors
  • Have Commitments on computers, physical space
  • Have a record of employment placement of program graduates

Request Desktop Licenses

Two types of license can be requested, to fit the needs of your program:

  1. Tableau Desktop Lab Licenses: for use on lab computers, and issued for one year in length
  2. Tableau Desktop Student Licenses: for use on students’ personal computers, or program-issued computers given to students. Bulk student licenses are issued for the duration of the program

Please Note: Tableau Desktop is the main authoring tool. Tableau Online requests will not be accepted

Request Licenses Now

Teaching Materials

Find free learning materials, and other teaching resources through our Instructor Resource Page.

  • Sample Course Curriculum
  • Additional Learning Resources
  • Access to a private Teaching Community
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