Tableau Mobile for Android Pre-Release

Tableau Mobile is the fastest, easiest, and most delightful way to stay on top of your data.

The new, fully re-designed Tableau Mobile is now in beta. The new app makes it faster and more intuitive to find and interact with Tableau content by providing:

  • A re-designed navigation experience: Browse the server and quickly find your content with new Explore and Search features that reflect the Project hierarchy of Tableau Server.
  • Quick access to Favorites: Your most important Workbooks and Dashboards are presented with easy-to-recognize thumbnail images for fast access.
  • Interactive Previews: For each of your Favorites, Tableau downloads a local copy of the View/Dashboard which is called an Interactive Preview. These previews enable your Favorites to load super-fast and to be available offline. Supported interactivity includes scrolling zones, selecting marks to see tooltips, and highlight actions across zones.
  • Seamless linking across views: Dashboards that use URL actions to link to other dashboards now work seamlessly within Tableau Mobile.
  • Improved Workbook navigation: When you tap a Workbook, Tableau Mobile shows a Workbook page with thumbnails representing each View (rather than automatically opening the first View). Now it’s easier to see the contents of a Workbook and navigate directly to the View that you need.

Interested in testing out the beta? Check out the instructions below:

Your feedback is an incredibly important part of our pre-release programs. If you download Tableau Mobile Beta, please help us shape and improve the product by giving us feedback. The blue icon peeking out from the lower right of the screen is our feedback button. Tap it to send us a message with any ideas or reactions that you have.


  • Authentication: Reverse Proxy, Kerberos, and Okta authentication are not yet supported. These are coming soon.
  • Server versions: Tableau Server 10.3 or higher is required. Support for 10.1 and 10.2 is coming soon.

Getting the Tableau Mobile Beta for Android is easy. Just search for Tableau Beta in the Google Play Store from your Android device. You will see both Tableau Mobile (the currently released version of the app) and Tableau Beta (with small text below the title indicating that it is unreleased). Select and install Tableau Beta. Or for direct access, open this link on your Android device.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Tableau Pre-Release Programs are for current customers. If you are evaluating Tableau’s products and would like to learn more about our Pre-Release Program, please contact your sales rep or email


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